Bosnia/Kosovo Medals no longer allowed to be worn?

Its bollocks.

Seen a bloke today in the tailoress with his new number 2's getting his ribbons for both put on.


Absolute ARRSE.
It was announced a while back that they were being withdrawn, ie no more issued. Someone has obviously got hold of the wrong end of the stick.
Utter tosh christ Telics finished now does that mean that one has to come off?
And ive done over 15 years now as well so thats my LS&GC in the bin!
Oh and the jubilee year has passed so that one can go the journey (well i wouldnt really miss that one anyhow).
Mate if it was true wouldnt the walt brigade be down the cenotaph on a remembrance parade telling the old boys to get their medals off now the war is over?
No more will be issued just like NI medals as the tour there doesnt happen (well not under the old names anyhow)

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