Bosnia Fatality Stats

Discussion in 'Bosnia/Former Yugoslavia (Op GRAPPLE, Op RESOLUTE)' started by roobie, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. I hope this is of some interest to some:

    59 British service personnel died whilst deployed on operations in the Western Balkans - 49 in Bosnia itself and 10 in Croatia. 58 were soldiers; 1 was a Royal Marine. 25 died serving as part of UNPROFOR (1992 to 20 December 1995), 13 died serving as part of IFOR (20 December 1995 to 20 December 1996) and 21 died serving as part of SFOR (21 December 1996 to 02 December 2004). British forces suffered no fatalities whilst operating as part of EUFOR between 2004 and 2007.

    Gunshots accounted for the largest number of fatalities (17), with most being accidents or suicide, rather than hostile fire. RTAs cost 15 lives and helicopter crashes 7. Minestrikes and EOD operations accounted for another 7. A further 7 died in accidents of various kinds, 5 died through natural causes and 1 was killed following a physical assault.

    Fatalities by Arm / Service:

    RWF - 1
    R IRISH - 1
    RE - 5
    PARA - 2
    RM - 1
    RLC - 11
    DWR - 1
    RGBW - 4
    RAMC - 3
    R SIGS - 4
    RGR - 1
    D&D - 1
    AAC - 6
    RRF - 1
    LD - 3
    LI - 1
    QDG - 1
    PWO - 1
    AGC - 2
    INT CORPS - 1
    REME - 3
    RA - 2
    RRW - 2
    KORBR - 1

    Not all fatality locations have been published in the public domain. Furthermore, some fatalities are recorded as having taken place in a particular location purely because it is the nearest populated place. With that in mind, the location breakdown is:

    Bugojno - 2
    Tomislavgrad - 1
    Vitez - 3
    Visoko - 1
    Zepce - 1
    Gorazde - 6
    Gornji Vakuf - 5
    Sarajevo - 4
    Rajci - 1
    'Bosnia' (exact location unknown) - 6
    Titov Dvar - 3
    Kulen Vakuf - 1
    Visegrad - 1
    Kljuc - 1
    Mliniste ('Cold Hussar') - 1
    Jajce - 1
    Manjaca - 1
    Sanski Most - 2
    'Jajce to Mrkonjic Grad' - 2
    Prozor - 1
    Glamoc - 1
    Mrkonjic Grad - 3
    Banja Luka - 1
    Ploce (Croatia) - 4
    Split (Croatia) - 4
    Trogir (Croatia) - 1
    'Croatia' (exact location unknown) - 1

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  2. An odd signoff roobie, but if the hat fits.......
  3. your point being?
  4. That he "hopes it is of interest to some" Far more informative than some of the drivel passed of as threads
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  5. Informative yet totally random morbidity. I would have thought Banja Luka and EUFOR would have had more, but then again who kills themselves on holiday?
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  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Perhaps that is part of the point of his post. For some people Ops in the FRY were not the holiday it was for others.
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  7. Yup. Whilst people were going toe-to-toe with insurgents in Basra and Al Amarah, I was eating pizza at Shaibah. On the other hand, during the SFOR 'summer holdiays', we (the UK EOD Troop) were dealing with UXO on a daily basis. Funny how these things work out.
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  8. Unlike BAOR and 'The Cold War'...where it was Club 17 - on!
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I should clarify that I'm not implying that I didn't spend a lot of time eating pizza and drinking coffee and slivo and HEKWAP myself but I was aware that for some others it was quite active.
  10. thanks roobie, interesting post - i often wondered how many we lost out there compared to the TELIC and HERRICK.
  11. Fair on all posts, I worked bloody hard in FRY but also had the opportunity to booze hard too. And yes I'm glad someone has highlighted the stats, Afghanistan is the tour 'en vogue' at the moment, and noone ever mentioned our losses in the Balkans. It seems that because of whatever reason that it was just swept under the carpet, much like Korea. I remember coming back from one of the tours and my mates at home were like 'Oh is that still going on? I thought that was finished years ago'. Maybe peacekeeping doesn't have the same 'Commando Comic' romanticism. I think that as we get older and more 'wise' that we find ourselves sitting and thinking about lost friends, and times gone by. Maybe its because when we were younger we just got pissed alot and put all that to the back of our minds, and as we slow down later in life is when we sit and think about stuff like that. **** I'm getting melancholy, WIFE! GET THE PAN ON! I NEED BACON GRILL SANDWICHES AND BECKS, STAT!!!!!!!
  12. On the list the Royal Anglian Regt is not mentioned but i know we lost Captain Steve Wormold in a mine Strike in 94
  13. Must admit, I don't remember 2 x Para Regt blokes being killed unless they had transferred.
  14. One of the Para guys was Corporal Fergus Rennie Killed in Gorazde in 94 by a Serb Sniper, 'Re-Badged'
    The other was Sergeant Robert Lyon, died in an RTA near Prozor in 1999.
  15. Thanks ATF