BOSIET course

Does anyone have any recommendations and recent prices for BOSIET courses in the UK?

I've previously done this type of course in UAE but of course it's not up to European standards.
I always go to Fleetwood Nautical College, or to give it its proper name, Blackpool & the Fylde college! mainly because its only an hour for home.
Make sure when you book it that you get the Norwegian attachment to the certificate and also do the rebreather, dont know if its now compulsory as
have'nt worked in North sea for ages
The rebreather is part of the course these days and you won't need the Norwegian section in the north sea. Unless you will actually be working in Norway, It's a waste of money.
I used to go to the place in southampton, tjey push you off the side in a shoppingbtrolley and give you the certificate :)

Will google up link
MIST is the current Minimum Industry Safety Training, endorsed by OPITO and mandatory for most if not all UK installations.

IMIST is the International version that again is OPITO endorsed but is not yet mandatory although the middle east and Malaysia are looking at making it mandatory.

The course is produced by Atlas in Aberdeen and you can either go their or to one of the other approved training centres. Also goes on your Vantage card.

MIST (Minimum Industry Safety Training) - Atlas
IMIST (International Minimum Industry Safety Training) - Atlas
If you are paying for it yourself its not a waste of money as depending on his job it it opens up more opportunities. He'll need it if he is going to work in norwegian sector, he'll need it if he is offered jobs on boats s they may work in that sector. Same goes for the medical, its worth paying the extra £20 for the paperwork involved to get the norski medical at the same time as the ukooa
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