Bose sound dock and new generation Ipod

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Enigma266, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. OK. Now I am currently looking into purchasing a new Ipod classic 120Gb. However, I have heard mutterings that they dont play or charge on an old Bose sound dock. When I say old I mean bought within the last 6 months. I have phoned Bose twice and twice I have different answers!Has anyone any experience/knowledge of this?

  2. I've got a bose sound's great. My Ipod is that old that it's even older than the "classic" ipod that's now on sale, so I don't know? You can change the insert thingy on the dock though, or take it out completely, so if it's no wider, or thicker than the original then it should fit?

    No idea on the charging though?
  3. I too have the Bose sound dock but my Ipod may need a little more room hence I have my eye on the new 120Gb classic. Just not at the expense of not being able to charge or play it on my docking station. I currently have the old Ipod nano (6 months old) which works a treat - much to the annoyance of the neighbours!
  4. Go into a shop that sells both of them, and ask if you can see if they fit together. They'll be pleased to help if they're gonna get a sale.

    Dixons sells both I think?
  5. I too have a Bose Sound dock, I use it with my iPod Video and my iPod Touch. They work with all iPods with the normal docking system (ie, everything less the Shuffle).
  6. Have a look on here mate
    I have one of the new 120gb classics and I am chuffed to fcuk with it,AFAIK its the only Ipod now that charges thru the firewire port on the bottom and does still charge on the old docks.I have a Griffen 2.1 dock thingy and that works perfectly,the only moan I have is that with the standard earphones it's a tad quiet,I bought some Seinhauser cx500,s and it's perfectly ok with those,I hope this helps
  7. Great, thanks for the all the help.