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Bosch Easy Control - how to use?


My parents have very recently had a new central heating system fitted. This partly to help keep Mum (severely disabled post Stroke) warm in the winter months. It has a Bosch Easy Control CT200 controller. The guy who did the installation quickly set it up, but my father is having a bit of trouble getting to grips with it. For example - can it be manually turned on or off? How does one increase the temperature by a degree?

Unfortunately, it did not come with a proper manual. Does anyone know if there a handy PDF one out there, or better still, can Dad get a hard copy?
I've had a quick read through the manual and it looks quite complicated.
It mentions such stuff as proximity sensors, WiFi, smartphone etc etc.
I'd have trouble with it myself but I'm ex REME so to be expected.
No doubt the basic functions are simple to use. We have just had a Hive heating & water controller fitted to replace the old mercury switch style of rotary room stat.

A good move because a, it is temperature accurate, b, it is simple to use works and c, can be controlled remotely. No doubt the Worcester Bosch device works along similar lines... an initial setting of parameters and then simplicity itself for normal daily use.

My wife can use Hive and she is the gold standard technophobe.
My parents have very recently had a new central heating system fitted. This partly to help keep Mum (severely disabled post Stroke) warm in the winter months. It has a Bosch Easy Control CT200 controller.

Not just a clever name, eh?
None of those gadgets are simple, and when they fail (often after a couple of years ) it can take a little while to get someone in to replace it.

One thing these damn things should have is an override, to just be able to turn the boiler on and off manually as a temporary fix.

I used them for a couple of years, but got fed up with callbacks, so went back to a simple time- clock and a Honeywell dial roomstat.

My elderly customers loved them, even if the simple time clock defeated them, I'd put a mark on for 22c and 15c on the roomstat and tell them to turn it up in the morning, then down at night, and put the timer on constant.

No callbacks, happy customers......... kept them alive for another winter .

Had to do it last week for my long time assistant......... I helped him put in his new boiler as a thank- you job, about 18 months ago.

Against my advice, he insisted on me installing a radio controlled prog from hell.

2 young kids, I had to disable it and wire it to on- off until he could sort out a replacement.......
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Dad cannot find an easy guide to using the Easy Control app. Ironic really - not as easy as a simple on/off switch. There must be a user guide somewhere...
The so-called manuals are for the installation of the unit. Even after a lot more than 10 seconds on Google there is absolutely nothing that explains the app. For example the individual days have red bars and marron bars. What is the difference? why do temperatures set at 0700, 1200, 1700 and 2300 produce difference numbers in these mysterious bars. Am I only allowed two on/offs per day? Is that what the Add function does? What does "optimum start" mean? What does "fireplace" mean? What is an "Event"? I can see what an event might be, becuase selecting this tells me that no event has been defined. So if I wanted to do this, how would I do it? What on earth is thermal disinfection"? How does home and away work, especially as it can be automatic. How does it know? How do I get knowledge of weather compensation? What would it do for me anyway? A good app should be self-explanatory. This app is not self-explanatory and so it needs a proper tutorial for the end user, not an installation guide. I am very disappointed by this product.

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