Borucki Sangar

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by jolley, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Dear All, in 1997-2001, with the kind permission of HQNI, I began a documentary photographic record of the security force bases of Tyrone & South Armagh. I am in the process of getting a book published of my photographs and would be interested in arranging an interview, which would take the form of an essay in the book, discussing your personal experiences as a soldier serving within Crossmaglen security force base, particularly the watchtower known as 'Borucki Sangar'. Some of my photographs can be seen on my website; within the landscape section and under the title 'Castles'. Please email me if you are at all interested so I can explain in greater detail, please put Borucki Sanger in the subject field so you don't get spammed. Yours truly, Jonathan olley.
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  2. There is some nice stuff in there Jonathan, perhaps you'd like to link one or 2 photos back to this site, or mount them on an FTP like digital shack, so it won't cost you a fortune in bandwidth?

    The potential contributors may feel more comfortable posting their reminiscences here under a pseudonym , rather than get in direct contact with you for understandable reasons.


  3. Dear PartTimePongo,

    thanks for the kind words, I would be more than happy to link photographs to the forum but frankly, don't have a clue how! Yep, i can understand why people might be reticent about contact, if anyone does they would at some stage have to tell me who they were so i can verify they were really in the army and based in the XMG, otherwise I could make-up/write the thing myself (bit like a journalist). I worked with the Army in Bosnia, (Yaitse-dodgy spelling), Green Howards, some Para's, SAS and a yank major with 45 confirmed kills in Vietnam who hated the US army system and so stayed and was made welcome in the cramped joint NCO and Officers mess, anyway one of them an NCO had been at the XMG in the early 80's and brought out a photo of the garrison (about 70 blokes) doing the fists on knees thingy pose of a formal regimental photograph outside the sanger.. Apparently the whole thing had been carefully choreographed inside the walls and hurriedly arranged outside before the locals knew what was going on. it helped that it was around 5am. Basically I'm looking for stories about the XMG, some serious and some not, to add a bit of colour (no pun int') to my work. I've got a military historian from English Heritage, an expert on castles and fortifications to write an essay of castle/sanger building in the province. I'm also trying a more formal route with the Army press office but due to past experiences I'm not confident as they'll only help if something's in it for them or you're lucky enough to find someone interested in the subject. Cheers Jonathan
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    Guys check your PMs.
  5. A little to late but i have the last set of panoramic photos from inside the sangar .i took them as we dismantled it .there all framed in my loft
  6. ...................a bit?!

    Scan and post if you can, t'would be interesting.

    Note: And I just had a look the site mentioned by the OP is still live with piccies of sangers.
  7. Maybe being over sensitive, or maybe it's the editor in me, but I don't really like the wording

    "A military building forming part of the British Army's defensive strategy to control the landscape and people of Northern Ireland."

    I don't think that was ever really the aim, and I don't think that attempting to protect civilians and support the civil administration and law enforcement authorities from illegal activity amounts to to an attempt to control either the landscape or the people.

    But like I say, I could just be being picky.
  8. Indeed - especially given that a number of the pics are of police stations!! Great photos though - and they bring back plenty of memories.
  9. Will dig them out and try to photograph them for u . Quite large to scan
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  10. Who were you with when they pulled it down?
  11. B Company 1RGJ were at Crossmaglen in 1974/75. I was 7 Platoon at the time. There are some photos on the RGJ Association photographic website. I don't know if any of them would suit what you are looking for? I expect you would have to contact them if you wanted to use any of them.

    Crikey this thread is 11 years old.
  12. 1RRF south armagh resident bn BBK .Fkl . Xmg And all Golf c/s was also in R21 when Pvcp newry took out by the van bomb which was rolled down railway lines which took the life of fusilier Grundy who was in the sangar which the ied stopped outside. As well as the riots on sugar ireland central newry after the two ruc officers where took out with a Prig.
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    Sadly the site requires Flash, which renders it inaccessible to all users of Android beyond a rather old level.
  14. My claim to fame (fame might be stretching it a bit), is that I was the very last person in Borucki sangar before it was finally stripped out.

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  15. Sorted for's possibly akin to almost being the last person on the roof of the US Embassy in Saigon. I said possibly.
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