borrowing number one dress

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by mylittlepony, Dec 30, 2006.

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  1. Been spammed as best man for my mates wedding in the next few months. I know that number one dress can be "borrowed", but where do i get it from. Anybody wise to this??
  2. QMs at Blandford used to hold a selection, not sure if they still do, thats where I got mine from (although it was a fair few years back!)
  3. I'm in the same boat, but, the clothing store at 2 Sigs said that the system doesn't supply them anymore and to rent a set out from a tailors in Catterick @ £70 plus £100 deposit.
  4. Where are you?

    In UK you could try 238 Sig Sqn, where ever it is now, or the tailer at 30 Sigs (Good bloke) or the tailers at 11.
  5. Is it still the same clothing storeman at 30 Tony I think :?:
  6. Try the Bulford/Tidworth Garrison Tailor opposite the QM's Dept on Picton Barracks Bulford. Good Luck.....
  7. Ah, the joys of bureaucracy eh? Can't be bothered doing anything that might involve doing a bit of work.
  8. Tony passed away a few years ago now I'm afraid :( Once you got behind the brash exterior he was a really nice bloke and conveniently lost my 1157 :D
  9. No, I was on about the Tailer of 30, he couldn't have lost your 1157 because he was a civvie who came in one day a week.
  10. Your on about ~Mac!! He is a good guy and I borrowed my No1's from him when I needed them. His offices are in Warwick town centre and on the internet I think.
  11. lads, thanks for your replies, i'm in lisburn at the mo, the wedding is in wales, i need a solution soon, got too much to sort out!!!
  12. Have you asked at your own QM/tailers? Seem to recall Lisburn had a good tailer shop at one point.

    Or get in touch with mac, tell him your size, and he will send you one.
  13. Thats a shame he was funny. RIP
  14. try the white helmets
  15. In the same boat for my own wedding, need to sort some out, but currently on Telic, i was under the impression that you could still get a set from Blandford? :?