Borrowing from the locals ?

Good bit of kit by most accounts. Why not have a go given the opportunity?

Anyway, we don't have a 7.62 semi-auto Marksman's rifle.
Mr_Deputy said:
Just having a ding with it probably.

Nothing to say they were using the weapon 'operationally'

(and yes I am led to believe its not bad weapon at all. Although some say it's not a real sniper rifle but a lonegre-range infantry rifle perhaps similar to our SA80 LSW.)
Yes, although it fires a much heavier round. It's in 7.62x54R which is very much like 303 in most respects. It is a much heavier bullet than 7.62 NATO L2A2, 180 grains compared with 144.

It's certainly not just a long barrelled AK as it is often dismissed for being.
Mr_Deputy said:
Just having a ding with it probably
For sure that is what it most likely is , I just thought it was an interesting Pic , perhaps my title and post content (in jest) have not come across quite as I mean`t.

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