Borough Market?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Is it worth a visit?
  2. Used to be many years ago, dunno about now although there is a German Deli there, I buy stuff on line from them.
  3. Always found it a cracking place to go. Interesting foods and good for photography too.
  4. I went about 2 years ago with Mrs QM.
    Spent 2 hours fighting my way through crowds of people, getting my feet trodden on and generally getting more annoyed with it all. I suppose it was all the rage then and the chattering classes may have moved on to 'street food' or whatever else is fashionable this week.
    I'd go early if you can to avoid the crowds as some stalls had interesting stuff on them.
  5. It is if you want stuff you can't normally get elsewhere - there are a few cracking butchers stalls. Pricy though,

    It's worth a visit just for the atmosphere too
  6. Yes!
  7. There are some nice pubs if you fancy a pint or more.
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  8. Definitely. Some bloody good stuff although it can be a bit pricey – that said some of them are real good value (fruit and veg on the cross-cutting streets). Cracking atmosphere and the cooking smells from some of the stalls are mind-blowing.

    One quarter has stalls selling the typical olive oils, breads, jams, cheese, sauces, etc. The fish stall in the main bit and the fruit and veg opposite are both amazing to look at due to the variety there – something our supermarket generation cannot comprehend.

    As an earlier posting said try and get there early as it can get bloody busy. There are some really good pubs in and around the area. We had a leaving do round there recently and I could try and get the pub crawl itinerary posted (but of history, etc) – the area was a bit lawless back in the day as it’s sarf of the river and outside the control of the city corporation.

    When you get bored of the crowds, move towards the river and Golden Hind (far right with back to London Bridge Station) walk a 100yds and enter the pleasure mecca that is Vinopolis. I was speechless when I walked into the Whisky Exchange part…………
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  9. Vinopolis - The Whisky Exchange - an old photo but you get the idea

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  10. Thats it The Golden Hind just one of the pubs I was thinking of.
  11. Depends - dont do it on a Saturday, its bloody touristy now.

    A lot depends on whether you want to buy good food, or whether you're looking for an experience. Its worth seeing if you get the chance (and Southwark cathederal is also rather nice), but be prepared for tourists and tourist prices.
  12. I meet mates up there a lot it's a cracking place for a all dayer. The Rake is a cracking pub lots of micro brewery stuff and staff that know their ale. The market porter is good to. Once full of beer saunter into the market for a **** off game pie eaten like a man.

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  13. Thanks everyone.Decision made for me!
  14. If nearby then yes, especially around lunch time

    Worth travelling up to that smoke just to visit ? well no, not really

    Saying that, there's lots of good touristy things within a short walk