Born To Die...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Rocketeer, May 5, 2006.

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  1. A study of 26, 916 suicides in England and Wales found that babies born in April, May and June had a 17% higher risk of suicide than those born in the autumn...the research tem suggested that the increased risk reflected the fact that more people with alcoholism, depression and mood disorders are born in those months..

    WHEW!.. While as a ' May Baby " I haven't harboured any thoughts of offing myself, it is good to know that I have another excuse for going out and having more than a few at the pub.. " Can't help it, babe, born that way.. it's in my genetic code.. got to have another Guinness, honest "

    Unofficial study timne.. how many good drinking ARRSErs are born April/May/June?
  2. ^The ones who are in the pub drinking all Friday afternoon?
  3. I'm a june baby and have no plans to top myself.

    Enjoying life to much

  4. Have they given any reason? Statistics generally, especially an epidemiological study such as this, mean next to nothing unless they link causality. What was the significance level of the results?

    Should I get out more? Blame the fact I'm not at the pub on a March birthday
  5. Crabby:

    I should think being born in Wales in the early months of spring before the sheep are ripe for shagging would be enough to trigger depression and heavy drinking , let alone thoughts of ending it all because " Fleecy " isn't returning your love...
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well,I dont need suicide watch just because I was born in June......Might need a excorsist as I was born on 6.6.66!!
  7. I was born in June and no feelings of killing my self,just other people like the feckin noisy neighbours and fat people who come wobbling out of McDonalds dropping crap everywhere
  8.'s what your right arm's for!
  9. taurus all the way!! its true, we taureans are the heaviest drinkers. :D
  10. Really? What's the average weight of a Taurean then?
  11. What was Bobby Sands? He was a lightweight by the end :p
  12. Im a June baby, I guess the only suicidal tendancies I have is getting pished and walking home on me tod through the heart of chavdom shouting me tits off at them
  13. this one just home was 7lb 6oz on arrival. pretty average.

    BTW thanks for the cheerful news, i'd just got round having to fund daughter's marriage, motorbike and education. now I've got to do her alcopops as well, :roll:
  14. What bull!
  15. I don'r remember when I was born.

    I was very young at the time.