Born free - everlasting memories

It has been reported that the composer, John Barry, composer of many famous film scores has died. One of his everlasting tunes was the evocative music for the film Born Free starring Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers. However, for those of us who were embroiled in the Cold War era, and served with 7 Intelligence Company at the time, the music brings back other memories as it was one of the introductory pieces to the Threat presentation, so famous during its roadshow tours around BAOR. Whenever I hear it, my mind immediately goes back to the image of the East German Border Guard, 19 year old Konrad Schumann, jumping over the temporary barbed wire fence in the French Sector in 1961 just as the Berlin Wall was being Built.

What memories does it bring back for you !


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When i nearly killed Maggie Thatcher with a signal rocket in a NATO Commanders demo in the early 80s. woops i slipped

But it was highly professional for its time, two carousel slide projectors either side of an 16mm projector, often working in unison, in some SSVC Cinema in any Garrison. A small team headed by OC 7 Int Coy, ably assisted by a transferee from the RTR who later became Director of the Corps, the R Signals CQMS and 3 full screws, one of whom was just a little bit overweight and had a fetish for dressing up in Russian Top Coat and accoutrements. The memories just keep on flowing - what a way to improve our tradecraft !

As I recall we caused something of a stir on the Kings Road in Chelsea after a night on the P--- in Windsor when we came back to London to give a performance and decided to jump out of the minibus fully dressed as Soviets and carrying dummy AK-47s .........laugh - they nearly sh-t themselves !

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