Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by labrat, Dec 9, 2005.

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  1. Hurrah!

    should bring some life to british politics!
  2. God help them!!! & us if they ever get in.
  3. excellent, hopefully will liven things up a bit
  4. Cracking news. Great for amusement - hopeless for good governance.

    Mind you, could he possibly be any worse than some of the utter clowns we've seen lurking on the front benches in recent times? ;)
  5. No doubt that our friend Agent_Smith will be happy.

    Shadow higher education minister? Right place I should say.

    Only high-qualified lia... er ... politician (though I don't see big difference) is able to sound such a costless phrase.
  6. Marvellous, Boris the Menace for PM!

    I'd rather have the platinum quiffed prattler in power than the grey NeuArbeit apparatchiks any day, if only because of his talent for not being able to come out with a soundbite without screwing it up, and that he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. Then again, nobody else does either... maybe it's all a ruse and he's closer to Urquhart in House of Cards than George from BlackAdder. But I wouldn't put money on it!
  7. Indeed i AM delighted!

    Boris may appear to be a fumbling bufoon, but behind the mop of shocking blonde hair lies a razor sharp political mind. Stick it to them Boris!
  8. I hope that he realises that he got away with his past antics without irreparable damage, but it's not wise to repeat his behaviour. It got him noticed and has secured his position as a political personality, but he can't prat around anymore if he's going to be seen as a future leader. I like the man, but he has to show more brains than buffoonery this time around.
  9. Agreed, he'll have to tone down the buffoonery and be more serious - but if he completely abandons it (and, to be frank, I doubt that he can), he'll simply be accused of being a fraud who created a popular public persona to fulfil his political ambitions. More a question of whether he can blend the popular image with the application needed to shadow the job.
  10. Completely agree, Archimedes: I don't want him to stop being himself, just to turn down the volume a little and prove he has the brains that the pundits are always talking about. He has the charisma and projected personality to make him a natural leader, but he's got to prove that he can be trusted not to cause WWIII by making a Duke of Edinburgh-style gaff at every summit and conference!
  11. Boris is my hero. Top man. Lets bring some personality into politics!
  12. He'll be a breath of fresh air, even it does occasionally come from his arrse! :lol:
  13. Boris Johnstone.

    Acts like a fool, follows a fool, writes for fools....

    What a Knob! :evil:
  14. Boris Johnson, Boris Karloff, Boris Becker.... I'd rather have any of 'em in charge rather than that lying, smug, deceitful grinning porrige eating fcukwit bliar and his stuck up munter of a moose like crocapig WMF.

    I heard him articulate on a HIGNFY show that I was an audience member at, in between the bits that they transmit. He is far, far more intelligent than the public persona that he puts out.

    I agree with PsyWar.Org, "He'll be a breath of fresh air, even it does occasionally come from his arrse"