Boris Yeltsin Dead

nips said:
Boris Yeltsin has died. Just heard it on Sky News. Will post link when available.
May he lead his after-life as he did his life - pickled in fine Russian Vodka.

For a moment I thought the Tory MP who has managed to upset Liverpool and Pompey had gone off to meet his maker!
tomahawk6 said:
Did Putin kill him too ?
Why blame Putin, when he'd been taking his own life by vodka for decades?

Hell will now be an even livelier place . . . .

What do you mean "hell will be a livelier place"

Even Satan wouldn't let him in - think of the fire hazard
RIP Boris.

Russia will be a quieter, not to say duller place in his absence.

Stock quote:vodka manufacturers issue profits warning.
Volunteers required, somebody needs to take back the empties.

RIP Boris.


Book Reviewer
RIP Boris
fond memories of him falling off his plane when he touched down in Ireland to meet the US president.

One of the Irish dignitaries actually said "ah, one of our own"
RIP Boris. You showed the world that the Russians aren't all that bad after all (Once they've had a drink). And you used a tanks to break a hostage seige. Not bad that man.
At least he had a good innings. I read somewhere that he comes from a family of long livers.

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