Boris: We need nuclear power


"If the Government decided to build a nuclear reactor today, there are only half a dozen people who have the experience to do it in this country, and they have all retired." ... we can't even build our own nukes any more!
It is terrifying to think that Mr Putin, or any less amenable successor, could have his thumbs on our gas feed-pipe
We have too few physics graduates teaching physics; we have too few mathematicians teaching maths.
Not_Whistlin_Dixie said:
Nuclear power might be a necessary part of the solution but is not necessarily the whole solution.

Linked article says that researchers are developing a genetically modified strain of algae that produces hydrogen gas.,70273-0.html

The potential implications are staggering. Currently hydrogen is manufactured from natural gas or by electrolysis of water. Algae is "powered" by sunlight.
There is a weak spot though. Ever heard of algicides? :D

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