Boris wants all the convicts back!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by twothreeuptwothreedown, Aug 26, 2013.

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  1. Quite right - I really can't work out why we don't have an EU-like relationship with the commonwealth realms, with customs-free zones, visa-free travel, etc.
  2. All he needs to do is join UKIP and he'll be the next Prime Minister. Can't go wrong.
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  3. Because do you want the bottom feeders from African/Indian sub continents over here the place would be over run within a fortnight of the visa restrictions being removed. All for the free trade and partial visa wavers for those from Gib/NZ/Aus/Canada etc the rest would just abuse it.
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  4. Does this mean we'll get loads of Aussies over taking all the jobs from the Poles?

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  5. Isn't that already a big problem there?

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  6. Yes, But imagine the human tide that would engulf the country we'd sink! Plus I dont want a smelly Indian begger having a shite as I walk past him on the way to my local beach (Like I seen happen in Goa)
  7. Notice how I wrote Commonwealth Realms!
  8. If only you lot owned an third world country right nearby that you could send them to...

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  9. Wales?
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  10. I was thinking of PNG but yeah, whatever works.

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  11. Why would any Aussie come here to work?

    Australia has largely avoided the Great Recession - the Aussie banks were well protected and they have just had a mineral boom. IIRC they had a budget surplus until recently. Have you meet any Aussies on holiday here recently - they're loaded.

    WTF come here and lower their income, depress their standard of living and get treated like shite because they aren't EU citizens?
  12. What - after sh*tting all over them in the 1970s when we joined the EU ........ unlikely they'd want to join us.

    Look at Australia - wealthy country with great public services ( their version of the NHS actually works), very little public debt due to prudent governments, enormous mineral boom, cheap food, massive oil reserves off the NW coast etc etc.

    WTF would they be interested in joining us? What do we offer anymore?

    The Aussies are looking towards a Pan-pacific Dollar, joining in with the Yanks and when that happens Europe will sink further into economic ruin. With Australia's resources base and the Yanks manufacturing capability, even the Germans won't be able to compete.

    The future is Europeans taking on the support jobs for the emerging Pacific economies - so brits will be the new generation of barmen and au pairs in Sydney, Melbourne, California and Shanghai.

    But look on the bright side, at least we get visa free travel around the rust belt that Europe will be in a few years and the Aussies, Yanks and Chinese will come as high spending tourists, so for those prepared to swallow their pride, there might be a few service jobs going.
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  13. You have never been to Earls court then?
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