Boris: there is still some ass out there (such as Blair)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 3, 2006.

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    In his article mr.Johnson wrote:

  2. Good man Sergy! Any man who quotes Boris Johnson is alright by me, there has just been a leaked report on the BBC from the British Govt (seen by bliar) which say's at the least it is now a defacto civil war
  3. In the full article he makes a lot of sense (or perhaps sides with my own prejudices).

    Just amazes me that a politician of any pursuasion is willing to admit he was wrong in his previous views.
  4. I liked Boris Johnson's description of Blair's almost teflon-like ability of avoiding political responsibility for almost anything which Boris gave on an episode of 'Have I got news for you':

    "its flipping amazing, he's a cross between Harry Houdini and greased piglet".

    He certainly got that one right!

    New Labour = hard Labour!
  5. Splendid article that addresses at least half the threads on this forum. His last paragraph is particularly to the point:

    "Well, let me remind Mel and all his secret British sympathisers of two last differences between Israel and the Islamicists. Whatever the hideous shambles of the past few days, it is still true, in principle, that when Israeli rockets kill civilians, they have missed their targets, and that when Hizbollah rockets kill civilians, they have scored a deliberate hit."
  6. I read the article and think he supports both side's in the conflict,what kind of statement is that.Oh yes it's Boris.Stick to the comedy,backbench opposition.
  7. Although I don't agree with Mel, I would observe that the Israeli's are extremely "Old Testament" in their retribution. It reminds of basic when I had the pleasure of being trained/ beasted senseless by a full screw with a particularly Jewish name. I responded in the way my old dad had told me- stand up to a bully. During a "character building" session to my lower abdomen and back he informed me that I should never " F**k with a Jew"
    I have subsequently found it to be exceptional advice.
    And no I am not anti- semetic
  8. I'm sure that will be an enoromous comfort to the disproportionate numbers innocent Lebanese dead, their families and friends. Johnson's research is pitiful. If he can't be bothered to make the effort he should shut up.
  9. You may think the IDF are disproportionate and reckless, however, the statement is true.
  10. I normally like Boris J but this is a poor article. The proposition seems to be that we should support Israel because it is a capitalist democracy ie People Like Us. This argument is then garnished with suggestions that, because the main religion in Israel is Judaism, and Judaism doesn't ban alcohol or repress women as much as Islam (or other religions), then we have even more in common (he omits the bacon sandwich comparison for some reason). The unwritten corollary, which is equally as unpleasant as the anti-Semitism to which BJ alludes, is that swarthy types with rags on their heads who don't drink are THE ENEMY.

    Personally, I would like to see the end of all religous fundamentalism and the oppression it gives rise to. I can't see how being a friend of Israel help this.