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Boris - The Prime Minister

First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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But is an influential back bencher and leading member of The ERG. Not very promising eh.

Not to mention party-elected leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party between 2001-03.


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I feel quite comfortable with the word "Brexitter". It is spelt "B-R-E-X-I-T-T-E-R". Thank you. I don't feel interior at all.
You may not “feel interior”. I can however assure you that from here it appears that your head is wedged firmly and deeply up your own chuff. If you can’t feel that, I’d advise a visit to a proctologist.


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Boris has not impressed me, his govt has done far too many u-turns and is too wedded to non-practitioning medics/scientists using deeply flawed models rather than making command decisions based on the whole problem eg thousands dying from a lack of medical care, millions sat on their arse enjoying their free furlough money, huge numbers of illegals being chauffeured across the channel and into luxury hotels etc

BUT even though he and his govt are very week they are still 10 times better than boring Starmer and his front bench of incompetent nobody's. the one area where bojo has shown some spine (so far!) is with our EU negotiations, I just hope that another u-turn is not imminent!!

bojo cannot continue to hide behind the scientists, the country cannot afford it and he needs to get all the powers that be to start talking positively and encouragingly. CV is not the lethal disease first thought and even now the recent spikes are mostly under 30s whose survival rates are excellent, as succinctly demonstrated by the fact the hospitals are not being inundated and are still operating well under capacity. bojo needs to observe the real life data and make decisions based on that instead of listening to someone who sits in a room with a computer putting shit in and getting shit out.
My feelings exactly. I'm an SC&U man in that I believe in the Union and I am a small government Conservative. So to see the sort of nanny state rubbish being served up at present is depressing to say the least. If I wanted that I would have voted for wee nipster.

When I see someone like Javid on the back benches and the likes of Jenrick or Hancock in cabinet I do wonder what on earth is happening to my party. Matthew Hancock, jesus wept. A sneering, patronising snivveling remoaner. Always on hand with a snide, smirking put down. When I speak to fellow Conservatives or with people outside the party from all ends of the political spectrum the opinion of that man is the same - grade 1 tosser. An incredibly hard man to take to. I remember him doing one of the briefings "you WILL stay 2 metres apart from each other". Finger jabbing at the camera. Next day in the commons he's back slapping a fellow MP arm round the shoulder on camera. People like him make life for people like me, a Scottish Conservative and Unionist, very difficult. I can't defend people like that. He's a talentless buffoon and comes across as a fairly awful person into the bargain.

The height of the pandemic, the healthy population of the country is quarantined and yet the numbers of "migrants" entering the country is the highest on record. The home secretary nowhere to be seen for weeks!

Quarantining the over 50's. Now the government has backed off from that but clearly someone in the government fed that idea to the press to gauge opinion. Do they not realise how awesomely unpopular stuff like that is? People in their fifties are the backbone of the workforce. Not just business owners and CEOs but how many lorry drivers, power station workers, telecoms engineers, plumbers and so on fit into that category. How does such a ludicrous, unworkable idea even make it far enough to be fed to the press?

Then there's the state of the Union. 2021 are the Scottish Parliament elections. We have, correctly IMO, made changes to the party up here and I think Douglas Ross will be an absolutely excellent leader of the Scottish Conservatives. I would think the Ruthie will be made Scottish Secretary when she takes her place in the Lords next year. Michael Gove is also in the team to run the election campaign. He's another one horrified with the nanny state stuff incidentally (I wonder if he fancies another chance at the job...?)

In short Boris has to get a grip fairly sharpish. He wasn't my choice but he's there, I want him to do well obviously for the good of the country. Issues such as the post pandemic economy, Brexit and the threat of Scottish independence are things to be dealt with that require a government running at 100%.




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Inside the tent p1ssing out rather that outside the tent p1ssing in?
It's two massive fingers to remain voting tubes.
Enoble a former communist Brexiteer over a treacherous remain voting speaker of the commons.

Nice one Bozza.

So the Kremlin is less of a threat to Western values and the RBIO than Brussels; an interesting ideological viewpoint.
So the Kremlin is less of a threat than Brussels; an interesting ideological viewpoint.
You think the current Kremlin is a communist construct? an interesting but dumb viewpoint.
And she is a former communist......just like Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn was.

Is it making the remainers cry?.....job done.
You think the current Kremlin is a communist construct? an interesting but dumb viewpoint.
And she is a former communist......just like Gordon Brown and Jeremy Corbyn was.

Is it making the remainers cry?.....job done.

Oh dear, off your meds again, Fluffer?

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