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Boris - The Prime Minister

First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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Not at all.
But look at his messages and lack of clarity;
Go to work , don’t go to work. Stay home but go to work if you can. But don’t use public transport, but use public transport if you have to. Stay home and don’t go out, go out if you have to.
Go to work but stay home. Work from home if you can but go to work if you can.
No need to wear a face mask but wear a face mask.
Go to work but don’t go to work.
Oh FFS. If you say you can't work out from the Government advice what to do, you're one of two things:

1) Amazingly stupid, to the point you really shouldn't be allowed to operate a keyboard unsupervised, just in case you eat it, or:
2) Looking for a reason to say "Boris incompetent/ evil tories!"

So which one do you think you are?


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What about the point that Piers Morgan makes about sending old people with covid 19 back to care homes? Does that makes sense?
Anyone who watches Piers Morgan really shouldn't be airing their opinions in public. Just saying.
Seriously mate, you need to stop having these weird fantasies. That’s the second comment you’ve made about this. You know you can go out now the shops are open?
Just make sure you wear a mask.


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You didn’t answer the question though.


Mistakes were made. Honest mistakes during an unparalleled period of frenzied activity, which led to tragic consequences for some residents of care homes. Yes, the buck stops with the PM ultimately (along with NHS, Care England, SAGE, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all along the way).

Morgan is a nasty little screaming shock-jock bully, who has latched onto this tragic mistake and is trying to use it as a weapon against a Government who have (quite reasonably IMHO) decided not to interact with him. He's having a tantrum, and callously using the deaths in care homes to make a noise. He is the epitome of self promoting scum, and anyone using him to support their argument should immediately take a bath for their own good.

If you delve into the proportion of deaths in care Homes, you'll find that England has had far less (21% IIRC) than the rest of Europe.


... Only make essential journeys.
...Some people couldn’t grasp this.
...This broke the spirit of the lockdown.
...Some people just couldn’t obey simple rules, from the start.
Take a step away from the COSSH cabinet...
There have been times when the Government have erred, but there has been no rule book that defines how mankind should deal with this SPECIFIC affliction. We do not even know if there are 3 versions of the virus in "common" circulation (Asia, Europe, South America), we do not know if the "second wave" is an actuality, we do not even know at this stage the long-term effects of catching Covid-19Lite or Covid-19Biggie, or even if there is a difference. We don't even fully understand why "people of colour" are up to 5x more susceptible.

No government in the world will be coming out of this gleaming and super-white <insert colour of choce here>.
Not a fan of Morgan just asked a question that Morgan has asked before. I can’t stand the man.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. No one has a manual on how to deal with this crisis.
My points were that covid 19 was as serious as it’s made out, the lockdown would have been a lot firmer than they were?
And let’s face it, care homes are full of older vulnerable people with health conditions generally.
So if people were going to die from it, it would be them in the firing line.
So no great surprise.
No one has a manual on how to deal with this crisis.
My points were that covid 19 was as serious as it’s made out, the lockdown would have been a lot firmer than they were?

Are you ignoring the legislation brought in to deal with the situation ?
How about the outcry about Police being over zealous in trying to limit public movements ?

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