Boris - The Prime Minister

First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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Guido is now referring to Chancellor Sunak as Comrade Rishi. I wonder what other Labour policies the party formerly known as the Conservative and Unionist Party will adopt.


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Comrade Rishi's Cost of Living Bailout: Think Tanks React
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That’s sort of my complaint.

The Labour party and moonhowlers seem to think that repeatedly shouting “Boris is horrible and we’re not Boris” will get them into power.

What they should be doing is offering more attractive personalities and policies.
Such as these? :p


In a change from the usual, Boris has moved his dressing up day from Monday to Friday. Can you tell what he is pretending to be today.... could it be a prime minister, no of course not.

Doesn't he look smashing !

Boris slurpers can print this off and stick it on the wall.

This goes out to @Joker62 & @shiny_arrse - the first two on the mong buttons. Funny how thay dont post anything, but just follow me around posting 'dumb' at every opportunity. Love you!

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He must have heard Bone-Brane was in the vicinity and didn't want to be covered in flecks of spittle.


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Your myopia unfortunately prevents you seeing similar though less able qualities of persuasion in the ginger minge and her good Sir K.

A pair of lying scumbag hypocrites who sit opposite him bouncing up and down like a pair of excited monkeys pointing fingers and chattering their pathetic inanities.

But then as I said, none of us in perfect, though I feel with no struggle at all, that as a somewhat more educated and able individual, I would far rather have Boris leading the nation than either of those two pathetic knee taking dimwits.

I think they are cnuts with no redeeming features. Is that clear enough for you?
How could it be a metaphor when I never bloated anything about the Falklands War.

I have also asked you to present evidence of where I * bloated about the Falklands War.

* I being what I said or posted, not what other ARRSEholes said or posted.

Rather than continue to be a total ARRSE - You could always prove me wrong by quoting something I said that equates to bloating

Not what you said - Not what now banned members said - What I said.

Shouldn't be too difficult with your evidence gathering skills ;) ;)

When I posted this:

“I didn’t know that you fought in The Falklands War. You have my respect for that. Even if we disagree about other things”.

Why did you reply with this:

“I have no need to shout loudly from the rooftops.

None asked for and none required - It wasn't as if it was voluntary or had an opt out clause”.

In mine and I suspect others opinions, that was a weasel like and semantically calculated reply that was designed to make people think that you FOUGHT in The Falklands War and were not part of the first unit to garrison the island.

You were dishonest and sought to deceive.
So are you; you're just not using the 'Brexit' word.

Every time you get upset about birthday cakes and finger buffets.

It's Brexit.

Can't you be honest with yourself?

Surely, if you're that disillusioned with something, you'd leave it, not just move sideways?

It won’t be like this forever.
Did you not understand this

You f***ing trumpet - With a gold medal in Jumping to conclusions.

Conclusions your weasel words were designed to cultivate.

An honest person would have said that they didn’t fight in The Falklands War.

It certainly seems we are in agreement on that point. :)

I genuinely want a competent and trustworthy Conservative PM. Bozo isn’t that.