Boris - The Prime Minister

First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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Must have been a bugger to catch the "criminal".
Maybe someone at The Yard had a rare brainwave & realised he could be found at 10 Downing Street.
Hardly the Metropolitan Police at its most investigative.
But nonetheless, a reported £500,000.
Money well spent according to some.

I'd genuinely love to have seen one of those "questionaires" in full.

It appears simply asserting you were present for purpose of work and nothing else would defeat any FPN.

I always understood that when the "Lt Col equivalent" (or whatever) was stated for Civil Servants it was "for messing purposes only".

I seem to remember someone looking into it after a "Major equivalent" started trying to boss about some subbies in Gutersloh.

What about Lt Col Emily Thornberry?

What on earth is the badge on her collar dogs?
I've seen some weird RSigs/Yeomanry uniform hash-ups but nothing like that? Anyone know?
Made up by mail on Sunday journos.
Huh? There's no 'allegedly' about it. The Police know Boris was there, there are photos of him there, and he paid the FPN so Boris also agreed he was there !
Its the other meeting/ parties in question.
Its the other meeting/ parties in question.

Ah... those other parties. Plod has Boris in the clear, so he's innocent. The law is very black and white.

Sue Gray reports this week or the next, let's see what she has to say? I wonder how many junior No.10 chair-polishers, use the defence "my boss was there - and so was Boris - so I thought it was OK"

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