Boris - The Prime Minister

First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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I'd start with vetoing any proposed EU leglisation, and refusing to pay any money to them until refuse to give us an extension, oh and demanding Normandy back before we discuss anything Brexit related at all with the EU
I'd go for Germany to return to its pre 1914 borders. Then there is something to piss off a good part of Europe.

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Try living in the valleys, people would vote for a donkey if there was a red Rosset on its arse.
Finally, something we both agree on**

** Now for a cleansing shower with a bash-broom and vim

This is what I hope never happens to this country.
Oh we're well on our way to our on mongtard hell of two deaf tribes shouting at each other (with the odd tactical poke from a fancy bear).

Get your shack in the woods whilst you can.

A nice wee bit of shit-stirring by the Express. I'm sure BL will have seen it already

Well, did he or didn't he?
Just as well they have sword Hangers in the lobby-ooops pity
A perfect candidate!
Nigel "not a fit and proper person" Farage?
That one?
The one who has just been kicked spectacularly in the bollocks by the PMs team (Cummings) or someone on the Cabinet Office team who has presumably read Farage's Special Branch file?
You have an interesting milky drink fantasy.
Not at all. It’s quite well evidenced on here, you begin your shift on here around 10am, and Mrs BL leaves you to it (unless you are hosting and she required to do a comedy eye roll at the apology stage of proceedings). Mrs BL retires to bed approx 21:00 and you are summoned, at 22:00, to muster upstairs with stipulated Horlicks requirement.

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