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First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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That I find completely inexplicable. Do we want a premier or a head girl?
Just because she's popular doesn't mean she will compete for the post of leader (although Express and others seem to think so) or that she would be voted in by the party. If she does go for it, she will almost certainly make selection. Beyond that we don't know.
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I think that this court case is about Bozo’s subsequent dealing with her bullying, not whether she is a bully or not. She would have been very stupid to have spaffed £340k of our money on compo if she isn’t guilty of bullying.

Not reading but replying to a statement of fact (the Court did not accept the definition of bullying) with a non sequitur about the use of government funds tells me everything I need to know.

Including the Pavlovian responses from your supporters.
I think that Rishi Sunak has been offered by several as a realistic alternative as leader/PM. Not necessarily ideal, but a vast improvement on the idiot incumbent and far more likely to be taken seriously by the people with whom we are supposed to be dealing.
Lots of people pushing the Rishi case right now. But we don't know much about him except that he looks pretty normal and everyone loves him because he's been throwing money around like it's going out of fashion.

Will he be quite as popular once he has to start trying to balance the budget? Let's see what he's like when the pressure's on.

(Better than The Clown obviously but that's setting the bar pretty low).
Are you saying it is Boris that caused all that money to be thrown around?
No wonder people like him for getting the job done.

∆∆∆ this bloke falls into the flailing category I mentioned above.

He's actually trying to convince himself that people like Johnson, and that he's doing a good job.


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You made it up, then.


But does he want to be PM? I haven't seen any evidence of that yet. As far as I can tell he wants to sort the economy if he his given the chance rather than being hampered by No 10. Javid has made his comeback and will almost certainly have another go. Rishi has worked under him before when Sajid was Chancellor.

Truss has polled as top choice for ages now and has support. Political pundits suggest that it could be someone we have completely overlooked. Suella Braverman and Kemi Badenoch have impressed but I think it's too soon for them. I wouldn't rule out a return by an experienced back bencher seeking to reset the party's direction.
I agree.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Boris is minded to go for a second term. And no evidence either that is what the party envisages.

What he will want to do, however, is set the conditions for the Conservatives to retain the reins for a second term.

Which is an entirely different thing.
is set the conditions for the Conservatives to retain the reins for a second term.
The best thing my fellow Conservatives can do to "set the conditions" is to offload the fat lump in due course and then insert someone credible before asking the voters again.

That person may indeed be Rishi but other contenders are available. And the early favourite rarely grabs the crown.
It's a screenshot.

The LINK is required, not a screenshot.

This shows a link:

Here you go, you can play with the filters too:

You couldn’t make this shit up. Downing St staff bragging about having a party, how to cover it up when asked about it and admitting to not socially distancing. Even the corruption is incompetent.

Another string of Ministers and MP who have lied to us about the matter and in the process proved they have no integrity.

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