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Boris - The Prime Minister

First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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A bit like “World Beating” and “Oven Ready”.
Don't forget "we hold all of the cards"

Which is obviously why I will be living in the PRK, People's Republic of Kent, come January.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
Just watched the beginning of PMQs. Boris is taking it easy but he still ran rings around SKS. SKS came across as an unprincipled weasel.

I'm sure it will be reported but if there's any footage used it will be heavily edited to try and make SKS look slightly less shifty.

PMQs is always transmitted live and in full:



Politicians would sell their grandmothers into slavery for another 5 years in power. If they b*gger up the economy doing it, it'll be the next government's problem.

Repeat ad infinitum...

A while ago during a most candid conversation Dr John Reid confided in me that a third term in office for labour had not been part of the plan and would have disastrous consequences as so many things came home to roost.


Two events of late have caught my eye. Two people, both adult, generally hugely sensible and who could generally be expected to "do the right thing"

Entirely separately they each live in areas where the infection rate is high.

The first headed off at the weekend for a week holiday on the Dorset coast, the second goes later this week to Essex, again holiday, this time for 10 days.

Both stated, separately, but in a slightly different way that they did not see why they should not go.

None of this "commanders intent" sh1t in civvie street.
BoJo is trying to square the circle - there is no right answer to Covid 19. If he tries to keep the rate of Covid 19 infections down, the economy tanks; if he tries to reopen the economy, the infection rate goes up. Whatever he does is going to allow some mong, media commentator or politician to shout "Boris has got it wrong; he's trashing the economy/putting up the Covid 19 death rate".

Covid 19 is a new disease to the UK, and BoJo was uncertain how to react to it. He then ended up in thrall to his scientific advisors, who focused entirely on the disease - and not on the economy. BoJo has finally woken up to that fuster cluck - in no small measure due to Rishi Sunak. And is now, at long last, starting to listed to a wider range of advice.

And he has a simple way forward. Covid 19 is related to SARS.

So BoJo should be reaching out and finding out what is best practice in the countries previously hit by SARS. There's valuable guidance to had from countries like Vietnam - who have used their SARS experience to respond far more effectively than the UK has.


So then do you think the economy is more important? Do you agree that the Rona "pricetag" is worth paying to avoid the long term pain of another lock down??


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Define the "two week circuit breaker", is it anything like the 3 month lockdown but shorter?
If we go down that route, I imagine it will be much shorter for the first two weeks, then it will get progressively longer until we run out of money and have to start eating our pets.
I'm sure the owners of this pub didn't snap the government's hand off when the furlough scheme started, no sirree

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