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Boris - The Prime Minister

First thoughts on PMBoris, will he make a difference?

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Something to ponder?

Yes, but perhaps not what you had hoped for.
Try the app it might help.
Dominic Raab had a Jewish father and Gentile (CofE) mother. Under Rabbinical law, he is not Jewish.

Depends. What happened on the the eighth day ? And did he attain Bar Mitzvah ?
AFAIK, he was brought up as an Anglican. Conversion within the Jewish community is a sore (no pun intended) topic, with more Orthodox synogogues not accepting converts.

Then he is d*mned,, as every good Catholic kno.

You get through more boll0x that a cat food factory next to a knacker's yard.
Or perhaps I choose my words.

Are you telling me that the Conservatives weren't the senior partners in the coalition sockie?

Are you telling me that they have had "no effect whatsoever" over the past ten years?

Or are you just typing more pish again?
Did he convert when he married his missu then? I knew his kids were but didn't know he'd had the other kind of snip to please OC Indoors.
Hi father was Jewish, he's C of E
Go on then mongo put up one post of mine where I've used facebook.
I never said you'd posted anything from Facebook did I sparky?
Oh right just your usual bollocks, glad that's sorted. You claimed I had a Facebook group
I said that's where you get your news. Or is it by osmosis?

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