Boris sums it up again- Blair silent about death of Saddam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eveyoz, Jan 4, 2007.

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  1. Here is a small piece of the excellent article.

    Edited to add the link

  2. Before the invasion, Saddam politically outwitted and outmanouvred both Bush and Bliar and now "Dumbya and Dumber" have scored yet another own goal. These idiots would extinguish a fire by chucking a bucket of petrol over it.

    The puppet government in Iraq has just created another martyr...
  3. Good article. Boris does a good line in 'Goodness graciouss what a bounder' type articles on Blair but this one seemed to have a sense of conviction behind it. This is the sort of thing that needs to be coming at Blair from Cameron and from his own backbenchers.
  4. Oh one of those are you ? The whole world is a conspiracy of White Men who make lesser breeds dance like marionettes......................I suppose it is easy to think of Arabs as nothing more than glove puppets - but I think the Persians have always been good at getting them to perform.

    Do you think blundering incompetence is an Arab trait ? I mean the Iranian puppet Mukta Al-Sadr seems to have survived his murder of Britain's glove puppet al-Khoei and the British were too stunned to kill Mukta.

    Pretty wet puppetmasters when you think - oh for the days of George Young and the SO Section of SIS............................ :twisted:

    Boris pretends to be a fool (as ever) or think that the Telegraph reader are complete fools (at least a part of them are not).

    Rt.hon, learned mr.Howard would support mr.Bush likely even more enthusiastically.

    ...and it was mr.Johnson himself who voted for these spendings.

    So naive is Boris (or thinks that only idiots read his articles). Our American friends would do it with or without British approval. Btw, mr.Johnson had excellent possibility to protest in the Parliament. But why did he (as mr.Blair now) kept silence?
  6. Buggar Me

    I actually agree with something our Sergei is saying
  7. Sven: I would happily use a pickaxe to bugger you. Cnut.

    Sergei: the Tories supported the war in Iraq because Toneee BLiar lied to them and used a politicised security service to lie for him.
  8. Personal invective again Dread?

    Bet You used to take guys round the back if they disagreed with You in the bar eh??
  9. "used a politicised security service"

    How do you think you can explain such a concept to Sergei ?
  10. your very nieve if you believe the tories turnaround wasn't in the least bit opertunistic.

    It's mainstream politics mate,there is no difference between the 3 parties, if the tories were in power and labour was the opposition you could bet the outcome would be the same and Tonly Blair and his cronies would be making the same noises the tories are now.

    partly the reason why I won't be voting for the Liberal conlabourtives next election.
  11. I see in this morning's Metro (it's free FFS) that Blair has put his support behind an inquiry into the manner in which Saddam was executed.

    So, look forward to the official report in six months time, explaining how Saddam's suicide could not have been prevented.
  12. Sergei, Michael Howard and the Conservative Party supported the government's action based on false evidence presented to Parliament. Since then, William Hague has said that ultimately invading Iraq was the right thing to do, in order to depose Saddam, but it has been grossly mismanaged since.

    Do you have Boris' voting record in the house? As I understand it no vote is taken to allocate specific funds for war fighting as this is taken into account as part of the MOD's overall vote (someone slap me if I have this wrong).

    I agree that the SPAMs would probably have c0cked this up as well if they'd done it themselves, but it is important that the Iraqi Government is given responsibility for its own justice proceedings. I believe Boris' point (and I agree) is that we weren't monitoring the proceedings closely enough to register our displeasure or otherwise with the undertakings for the execution. Certainly no-one has suggested that we even attempted to monitor the proceedings, let alone influence them.
  13. Sergei, Michael Howard was not in charge of the Conservative Party at the time of the vote, it was that chap with the bald head, you know don't mess with a quiet guy, him. Get your bloody facts right will you and Parliament is not sitting at the mo, the dears are all still on holiday. Blair's silence over this is telling. The man should do us all a favour and stay in Coconut Grove. Politicisation of the Intelligence Service, ask your Dad.
  14. Quite.

    Somehow I doubt that this inquiry will go back to consider the manner or reasoning behind his toppling, or the subsequent consequences.

    Having grown up on a diet of WW2 recent history, both GWB & his poodle are living in a WW2 fantasy, where they get to play at being true statesmen, giving inspirational speeches to the country, sending in the troops etc. It was like when we used to play at war in the school playground, except some of us grew out of it.

    The 'liberation' of Iraq was supposed to be a rerun of Germany, the Ba'ath party were the new Nazis; Saddam was Hitler; his trial was supposed to be Nuremburg. The utter (and entirely predictable) shambles of the trial and the execution, show how far from the truth this fantasy has been.

    PS I was expecting a user name change to ABrighter2007?!
  15. anyone who thinks Saddam was not a "martyr" from minute one of day one of Telic, is sadly mistaken. Hanging him just reminded everyone that there was this bloke called Saddam who hadn't been underlined in history's ledgers yet.

    Sunni times ahead for Iraq then?