Boris slams Jamies food crusade

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Mad_Moriarty, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Boris Johnson has taken a swipe at Jamie Oliver's school dinners campaign saying the pressure on children to eat healthy food is "too much".

    "Even the teen Mads in the family are moaning about having cheese and crackers at lunchtime!"

    More here
  2. Mans a joke before jamie oliver there wasen't even a healthy option at school for a lot of kids that was the main meal of the day knob.
    As much as jamie oliver could do with a slap he can cook and he has made a diffrence in school meals .
  3. I normally agree with his laissez faire views on government intervention, but i'm afraid he's wrong this time. The government needs to take a stand on this, otherwise we are building a bigger and bigger time bomb for the NHS and country as a whole.
  4. ...and a picture of svelte good health our Boris looks!
  5. Boris what are you on man? Here's an extremely bouncy chap with lat and longs of all his pie hang outs tattoo'd way up both his arms.
  6. Unfortunately they've chosen a load of sh1te to put out, it may be healthy but it it looks,smells and tastes crap. That's why the kids don't like it.
  7. Boris is going for the Chav vote
  8. As much as it pains me, Jamie oliver should be applauded for trying to make an effort. Though IMHO it shouldn't be him doing it, but parents pressurising schools to look after the children that they are entristing to their care. But the parents who just serve microwave meals and don't make any effort themselves really don't help the situation and should give themselves a talking to! There is no real excuse!

    Its no wonder all the kids are porkers when they get a rubbish example!

  9. Boris, which comprehensive did you go to??

    Keep out of it toff.
  10. Perhaps Ginsters have become Conservative Party donors...
  11. The school that the boy goes to has decided that children should not have in their lunchboxes anything unhealthy (completely agree). Then in the same vein they give the children sweets and wonder why parents get slightly pi**ed when they see the children finishing school eating sweets after being dictated to about healthy options.

    There are some parents out there who do put junk in their childrens lunch boxes and it is shameful. Dairylea dunkers, choc dips, kids will be banging on the door of the hospitals in the future to get the stomachs stapled in order to lose weight.

    The government has got a nerve though, what with selling school playing fields off for housing developments and the likes and they want more sport in school, where on the main road?? How many here have children that have sport in school as regularly as we did as nippers, or play football at lunchtime instead of playing computer games. Parents cant always be blamed but they are the teachers of the future to the children of today.

    Rant over. Pie & Chips for me Boris :D
  12. There's actually research to show that the amount of exercise doesn't affect the weight or general health of kids - as they just eat more cos they're hungrier. (Although I still think it's awful and various govn ministers should be shot - bring back playing fields with money for maintenance but open for public access at weekends).

    Boris Johnson is wrong here. I generally admire the man for taking a stand and playing a different political game to most of his masters. However you speak to anyone in education and they will tell you have greatly improved school meals are now compared to only a short time ago. There's not just advice on healthier food - but there is more money per school meal from the Govn meaning the food is better quality. The reason some of the food tastes "crap" is because it is low fat and low salt - both of which are basically addictive. Once conditioned to high salt and fat levels people (not just kids) find a lot of the healthier foods "bland" and don't like the texture (quite how pasta/rice/proper meat/veg can have a worse texture than macdonalds cow sh*t burgers and awful cheap oven fries I don't know...)
  13. Healthy food is for winners, but the whole issue is in danger of those lunatics who take it too far and end up health nazis. Every health guru has a different view - be it atkins diet, glycemic index, complex carbs and so on.

    The key issue is how active kids are, not the food per se.

    If school bullies were doing their job properly then the fat kids would be running around more!
  14. Ugh, don't say the dreaded words of "atkins diet". How people could do that to themselves I don't know. I've seen people on it and yes they lost weight - but their breath smelt, the actual food was repetative and full of fat that even though they may have been losing couldn't have done their arteries any good.

    Simple good food and simple exercise is the way forward - move more eat less. It's not especially difficult to eat two pieces of fruit a day, then have two veg at dinner and squeezing one in with lunch. Protein for muscle repair, some carbs, some fat to kick start your metabolism and keep skin + cells healthy. Bit of everything basically, but anything processed tends to be worse for you. Why do people have to make diets so complicated when it really just involves avoiding processed food, too much redmeat and most snacks?
  15. Boris is a bumbling, bimbling, blustering, befuddled buffoon... of the first order.

    Oliver is an outstanding fellow and should be dabbed by Her Madgeness on both shoulders as quick as you can say "do those chips come with gravy or curry sauce?"