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Boris On Defence



Boris should never be allowed into #10 he would press the red button just to see what happens the mad bastard
His own piece highlights the Anglo-American disjoint nicely. He claims to have responded to American concerns about UK reliability by stating we led the charge against ISIL.

As the US can reliably be assumed to know that, the implication is they don't see what we're doing as of importance to them. In short, they aren't seeking an ally but an accessory.
The royals are a bunch of foreign Johnnies too. To give only one example, the DofE (long may he continue in his inimitable style) as everyone knows, was born in the island of corfu and if he hadn't married Her Majesty, would probably have been a fisherman. But the lad did good, for a Prince of Denmark.

We also had quite an infamous senior police officer who hailed from Iran. He didn't do good at all. One wonders how he ever became a senior police officer.

Anyway, the point is that whether true blue Brit, or Johnny foreigner, it doesn't seem to matter once they become a politician and become tarred with the greed brush.

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