Boris Johnstone, the Forces, council tax, tax credits etc

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by thegimp, Oct 26, 2006.

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  1. Once again Boris stepping up to the mark and highlighting the plight of the lowly service man

    While you can question some of his actions and comments he still hits the mark with his columns occasionally. Does he read arrse? Probably

    If I were a cynic I'd say he was just courting popularity and enjoying the positive feedback that is coming from the whole media/forces thing going one at the minute

    However I'm not so carry one the good work Boris :D
  2. and there are many more like her in the Army..........believe me. Good article but will anyone do anything about it? It has already been exposed that the last 'Operational Bonus' will merely add back the latest allowance cut - almost to the penny, for those who do 2 tours in 24 months (which is quite a lot of us) but has anyone done anything about it............
  3. I am an enormous fan of Boris Johnson - he is one of the few politicians who you can trust to say what he thinks, however often the hierarchy decides to try to shut him up and make him apologise. He speaks for many of us and he has the backbone to refuse to kow-tow to the bien pensant neo-liberal orthodoxy peddled by 'New' Labour and Tory-lite.

    Sadly, this article is not at all clear. The lady in question appears to be a civil servant working in a Supply Squadron, was married to a serviceman and living in SFA on the patch. Her husband has left her and, as she is no longer 'entitled', the MOD has evicted her from her SFA. However, Boris then suggests that the MOD continues to extort Council Tax from her pay slip and I find that slightly confusing. Her husband, as the entitled person, would have been paying the council tax through his pay. I can only imagine that it would have taken a very long time for the system to manage to stop charging him and start charging her as a 'non-entitled' resident. I am surprised, with 2 young children, that her husband appears to have picked up no liability for providing for his ex-, or estranged, wife. The unfortunate thing about articles that contain apparent inconsistencies, is that Tony, Des and the whole sorry bunch will rubbish the entire article based on a couple of errors and the whole message will be undermined.

    What is a disgrace is the number of Servicemen who are on 'tax credits'. Not only is this an utterly ludicrous system anyway - why not just raise the limit above which you have to pay tax, adjusted through tax codes to take into account marital status and number of children, it is disgraceful that soldiers/sailors/airmen are paid so poorly that they have to seek additional support. Tax credits are part of the 'New' Labour agenda to vastly increase the percentage of the population that is reliant on the state for its income. Bliar's Government has vastly increased the number of people on both the Public payroll and on benefits of various types (including the vast increase of those on incapacity benefit, hiding the real level of unemployment and lumping those who are really disabled in with those who are shiftless layabouts with no intention of ever getting a job). The more people reliant on what is seen as a 'socially responsible' Labour administration, the more people are pre-disposed to vote for them next time, because they are reliant on the 'benefits system' that any other Government is likely to reform (even though they wouldn't need these benefits if it was not for the mal-administration of 'New' Labour).

    Having maximised the numbers reliant on 'direct' benefits, Brown has discovered a way in which he can dupe a further swathe of the elctorate into voting for his Party yet again by peddling the myth that 'the State' is helping them and their families by offering working tax credit. By paying them tax credits, Brown creates the perception that people in receipt of them should be 'grateful' to central Government for their support. This, of course, neatly sidesteps the fact that people only need support because of his repressive tax regime.
  4. I do like Boris, he can be a little odd at times but by god he speaks his mind bluntly, a lesson other politicians would do well to learn.
  5. I like the tone of the post however she must be a Civil Servant working for the RAF or she would have been able to keep the quarter. Are you really telling me that if she has had her 93 days in Qtr prior to getting evicted, necessarry before local council will rehouse, that the CSA hasn't hit the "Easy Target" (Sorry serviceman!).

    "She thinks of herself as a hard-working member of the Armed Services" why if she's a Civil Servant.

    I like most of Boris's plain talking ideas however own goals are scored by researchers not doing there bit........
  6. From the article:

    Umm, what does "victualled" mean?
  7. Victualled; p. pr. & vb. n. Victualing or Victualling.]
    To supply with provisions for subsistence; to provide with
    food; to store with sustenance; as, to victual an army; to
    victual a ship.

    There but for the grace of Google go I...............
  8. Supplied with food.
  9. vict‧ual  /ˈvɪtl/ noun, verb, -ualed, -ual‧ing or (especially British) -ualled, -ual‧ling.
    1. victuals, food supplies; provisions.
    2. food or provisions for human beings.
    –verb (used with object)
    3. to supply with victuals.
    –verb (used without object)
    4. to take or obtain victuals.
    5. Archaic. to eat or feed.

    Boris for PM. Although there are obvious innacuracies and inconsistancies in the article, I think we all know where he is coming from.
  10. Boris is probably the most genuinely representative Politician in Parliament these days......oh that he would challenge Camerooon
  12. But he isn't above turning to his lying Journo scum profession and writing obfuscatiing articles