Boris Johnston on Supporting the Troops

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Funbags, Sep 29, 2007.

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  1. Fair play to Richard Benyon as well. Stirling effort.
  2. Boris Johnson may well come across as a bit of a buffon, but he has a seriously sharp brain. He has a habit of saying what he thinks (no bad thing in my humble opinion) which can cause offence to those who want to be offended. I only hope that he can give Red Ken a bloody nose in the Mayoral Elections although it will be difficult as Ken and his cronies appear to have mobilised the ethnic vote against Boris already.
  3. Good article from Boris and as usual, once you get past the "blond haired buffoon" stereotype, he does talk a great deal of sense.
    I also salute Richard Benyon for his gesture to our injured comrades - why didn't this get any significant news coverage?
    It was interesting to read the responses on the Telegraph site - the majority good, some atrocious! The most relevant as far as I am concerned was the email from Si, a squaddie, recently returned from the sandpit in Iraq.
    He didn't want a ticker tape parade (not really our style is it?), but he did want recognition and would much rather have had some financial compensation for his efforts.
    OK, the £140 Council Tax rebate is a start, but wouldn't it be far better if our troops had complete Tax relief whilst on Operations?
  4. one of the comments

    :lol: PMSL
  5. Well doen to them both. Boris, usually portrayed as an idiot, has shown he does have sense.
  6. Boris Johnson, nail on head sir. thank you.

    I've just come back from America and I have witnessed what Boris is refering to.

    I think people here will be amazed at how the U.S public is much like ours in the way they don't agree on the war. HOWEVER, the American public has certainly grasped the need to support the soldiers. And boy do they!

    Vehicles everywhere have stickers supporting the troops. American soldiers do tours around New York, Washington DC in uniform and people go up and shake their hands and give them a pat on the back, nothing more. You could see the power of those two words 'Thank You' from a normal Joe Civvie... it meant so much to those young soldiers... some of them just back from 3/4th tours of Iraq. (at 15 months a pop)

    The American companies: rail, air, hire cars, hotels, motels... damn even resturaunts all have military discounts... I even managed to blag movie tickets with my MOD 90.... We got all our drinks 1/2 price in LA , which by the way for a town has the largest amount of U.S marines for city. (1000)

    and to round it all off... I met a Veitnam War Veteran, taxi driver, who took me to the airport at the end of my stay. We chatted and he put the whole Iraq/Afghanistan thing into perspective for me... We (Coalition Forces) have lost +- 4500 troops so far.... and he explained to me how they left 54000 of their lads back there... he was a medic in a heli medvac unit... he was saying how they couldn't take casualties with head wounds back because they didn't have the medical people to treat them. They also couldnt tell a commander on the ground they werent taking a casaulty with head wounds... so they took the casualties (still alive)... flew a bit and dropped them into fields... Can any of us imagine having to live with that for the rest of our lives? it was a harsh reality check.

    Anyway... as I said my good byes to this old black chap, he got out his taxi, came round, crying, tears streaming down his face, said 'thank you, god bless maaan' and gave me a huge hug. It was the best part of my whole trip and really brought everything into perspective.

    I wonder where I'll ever get that in the UK... sometimes I think the American public appreciate what we do more than our own public does...
  7. Good article, but it won't change the price of fish.

  8. Thats true. We have a family friend who lives in the States. His Uncle is one of the surviving members of Ox & Buck LI from Pegasus Bridge and lives with him in Boston. He has a bad leg from shrapnel wounds he suffered in the war. His Uncle got invited to a local veterans meeting group (comprising veterans from wars ranging from WW2 to just back from Iraq) as soon as his military past was found out. When he arrived he recived a discount card entiltling him to discounted Food, Public Transport, housing etc. He also got a couple of badges saying "WW2 Veteran" which he wears on his everyday clothes. People come up to him in the street upon seeing this badge and shake his hand, even offer him money. When he become a dual US-UK citizen he will be intitled to money for a veterans berueau or something.

    The US can do stuff right it seems.
  9. I cant believe the thing about dropping the casualties off is true. Surely it would be a staple of the anti-war movies if it were. Having played a casualty during a large excercise I know that the proceedure for dealing with those not expected to survive is simply to make them comfortable and not too evacuate them any further down the chain. Perhaps he meant they extracted them from the firefight to a nearby location and recovered them later?
  10. Boris sometimes talks the biggest load of borrox, but there are times when.........

    Godd one, it needs to be said, Support Our Troops, how hard is it to say thank you to a Squaddie.

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  11. Hello SilverSurfer,

    I believe a civilian started a thread on these forums recently just to say he supported the troops.
    It did not receive a positive response.

  12. I don't want a parade.

    I don't want over familiar shows of gratitude from a nation that does not care for the war from which I and many others have returned from over the years.

    When in theatre:

    I want to be funded sufficiently.

    I want to be clothed adequately with sufficient spares in theatre.

    I want to be armed well, and not to be second guessed ad infinitum over a split second decision when I choose to use those arms in defence of myself and others.

    I want my mail to get through, in both directions, in a timely fashion.

    I want to be fed and watered.

    I want to be accomodated in hard accomodation. I find two microns of nylon isn't very mortar proof.

    When i get back from theatre:

    I want psychiatric counselling to be available if I need it - and to cruise straight to the front of the queue - selfish I know.

    If I am unfortunate enough to be injured I want the very best, unstinting, money no object care that is available. I want it paid for out of the Governments pocket and I want them to understand that THIS IS THE PRICE YOU PAY if you send your men and women into harms way.

    I want this level of care to continue through the whole of my life.

    I want my medal - I feckin earned it.

    I want my mates around me and a seat in the pub that lets me see all of it with my back covered - is that just me?

    I want to know that I don't have to go back within a year.

    I want my family to stop worrying about me.

    I want everyone who is out in theatre to return home safely.

  13. Well said Heedthebaw, very well put. Still I think Boris has a point. Pity Cameron is in charge of the Tories, that means four years of Brown. Still I hope Boris beats the Bastard Red Ken for the London job. If he does win I hope he knocks the statue of Mandela down.