Boris Johnson

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by the_guru, May 3, 2006.

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  1. Has just come on in the pro/celeb England v Germany game. Got the biggest cheer of the night. He then decided to clatter Mauricio Gaudinho. A full on rugby style hit. Well done that man. We got beat 4-2, but Boris is "da man"
  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Hit to the balls too..... Well worth a viewing!
  3. that rugby tackle made my night, fuckin quality. oh how i laughed.

    the determination on his face as he kinda stumbled and then rugby tackled the german guy on his way down... 8.9 Mr Jonhson
  4. Any chance of a copy of this video?
    Has anyone got a link?
  5. doubt it, it only happened about half an hour ago... just wait, im sure it'll be all over the place soon enough
  6. What a star, almost brought a tear to my eye
  7. Genius.

    Top comedy, though fair play to him for having the b@lls to actually get on the pitch :D The contrast between the physique of him and cohen was superb :lol:

    What made me laugh was that the commentator said that Boris had played him offside; does he even know what offside is? :lol:

    Must go change, have swamped myself :lol:
  8. Go Boris!

    Here's one, of him, on his recent China trip, immigration checking for balls..


    and another of Boris, doing what comes naturally,


  9. I was torn between embarrassment and glee...the Etonians always liked to play kev-ball but really wanted something more physical...though rugby never was their thing!
  10. The Field Game was always good for a laugh and a punch-up or five...
  11. I expect the next England World Cup song to feature Boris's performance - any ace lyricists out there ?.

    Matt LeTissier was very effective, he should still be playing.
  12. A game that nobody else plays, played exclusively even within college...a world series of a sport!

    La-de-da-de-dum-fcuking Hun
    Tum te tiddley Boris Johnson! :wink:
  13. Spams can have a baseball world series....if the glove fits, wear it!
  14. If anyone can think of a rhyme for "Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson" I will definitely buy them a beer :D