Boris Johnson - The Thief of Baghdad

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bandalong, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Quite right too, It's fine to lie to Parliament, invade a sovereign nation, cause the deaths of thousands and make a mint selling your memoirs, but to have anything to do with smoking! He should be strung up (and denied IVF on the NHS should he want it).
  2. An excellent article. This 'story' broke some years ago and is now 'old hat'.

    The Metropolitan Police, presumably it is they who have 'warned BJ for office, is now so obviously the tool of our desperate government as to be risible. I am only surprised they did not emulate Mugabe's disgraceful 'police' force and render the election of BJ to be Mayor of London a farce equal to that about to occur in Zimbabwe.

    (This fatuous, disconnected and facile government cannot understand why, in general terms, our Police Forces have lost the trust and affection of the population).

    I seriously believe that Blair should be brought to book for the invasion of Iraq. Sadly, I have neither the legal knowledge nor funds to ensure such a course is taken.

    Furthermore, I wish I was able to frame some charges against Brown for 'failing in his duty' to ensure that the appropriate funding for the Armed Forces was forthcoming and the hapless clown (sorry, bufoon) Hoon for not 'falling on his sword' when such funding was denied.

    The disaffected, psychologically flawed, control freak and his oily, dishonest former 'boss' will forever be tainted and haunted by their involvement and subsequent handling of the Iraq War.

    PS: I am a 'Oxygen Thief' and proud of it. I am not an 'O2 Thief'.
  3. And the government claim the police are not part of the state apparatus!

    With the police getting involved in Politics over the mayoral election, 42 day detention and criticism of David Davis' campaign at the ACPO conference yesterday.

    No wonder we have run out of respect for them.
  4. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Is it a bad sign when you aren't even suprised about this? Actually that isn't true. I'm suprised that it took them so long to turn it into a story/investigation.
  5. I'm just wondering how the Met can possibly justify investigating an allegation of a theft which occurred in another jurisdiction (Iraq) of an object of low-value and without a complainant. The sad thing here is that no-one in the Met hierarchy had the balls to simply tell these tossers to P*ss off and stop wasting valuable police time. A measure of how politicised the Police in general have become I'm afraid.
  6. As it was under British occupation at the time, the matter may be within their jurisdiction. If he is/was in possession of what is effectively stolen property, then he is no better than a soldier who loots. How much respect do you have for service personnel who loot?

    Just because the 'complainant' is dead doesn't mean that theft has not occurred and just because he opposes the commie f*ckers who run this country doesn't put him above the law.

    Like they's tough at the top and politics is a dirty business.
  7. Hmmm , Current Affairs or bollox, now let me think.......
  8. That Son of a B'itch Boris Johnson, would do well to wipe the smirk off his face.
    He voted for the war along with all the other lackies.
  9. Something being the one, doesn't necessarily preclude it from also being the other. :D
  10. What is wrong with a spot of toff looting. What made the Empire don't ya know. Not something for the junior ranks. Examples must be made of such rascals.

    Quote Stephen Pound - Labour MP Ealing North, (I am) "less worried about the cigar case" than he was about London's mayor spending "half a day" writing a column for the Daily Telegraph.

    This moron is not so worried about having a Defense Secretary who has two offices of State, therefore only devoting half a week to our armed forces. He appears slightly less vocal on something as trivial as fighting two wars.

    Rest assured I have sent him a note to his parliamentary email address. Feel free to do the same.
  12. Stephen Pound is an utter cock. I met him years ago. Muppet of the first order.
  13. Well that's me, and quite a few others, totally fucked then. Show me anyone who was in Baghdad immediately after the invasion who hasn't got one or two 'momentoes' stashed away, and I'll show you someone who has totally 'mis-remembered' what happened there.

    Edited to say that I am referring to inconsequential items: pictures of Saddam and the like, which would have been trashed by the locals anyway.
  14. I like Boris!

    I don't care what he does, for his performances on 'have I got news for alone' he gets my vote regardless of his war crimes.