Boris Johnson Strikes Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mr_Fingerz, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

  2. Sounds fair enough to me.
    In my day that was calling a spade a .... Oh can't say that anymore either.
  3. But he's not wrong is he, I actually like him what you see is what you get.
  4. True.

    Oh, and he was spot-on about an awful lot of the population of Liverpool too...
  5. He said too full - applies to anywhere that suffers such problems. He didn't even need to qualify it with 'arguably'. What he omitted was the humourless toe-rags who want cheap publicity by having a pop at him instead of sorting their own problems out.

    Oh, and he was right about PNG and Liverpool.
  6. He's not 100% accurate....

    But there is sufficiant grounds (and drug and flab!) for it to be an accurate stereo typing!
  7. I still find anything that Boris Johnson says as hilarious.

    It is not as if he is saying anything incorrect, but it is just the way he says it.

    Pompey is riddled with drugs, as are most other port cities. The figures on unemployment speak for themselves and have you been to Portsmouth recently. The best thing they did was pull down the Tricorm centre.

    Not only do you have burnt out cars to the north of the city, you even have a rusting submarine. Now THAT is the sign of a sink estate. They even had to extend their sink estates and they formed St Pauls, the only place in the UK where a Paediatrician got forced out of his house by illiterate mobs.

  8. Johnson for Prime Minister, I say! :clap:
  9. Hear Hear!
  10. As a Portsmouth resident I am absolutely disgusted that Boris Johnson highlighted these bad aspects of the city without putting emphasis on the more positive things that happen.

    * The Portsmouth branch of Elizabeth Duke at Argos has the highest per capita turnover outside Essex.

    * Sales of Sunny Delight are the highest in Southern England.

    * There are more children named after premium brands in Portsmouth than any other city beginning with P.

    * It doesn't smell as much as Worthing or Doncaster.
  11. Boris speaks as he finds and we need a great deal more of that in this nation if we are to face and deal with inner city problems.

    The responses of the Lib Dems and Labour show what a poor quality of MP Portsmouth have representing them.

    Boris is the way forward!
  12. Wakefield smells 7.8% worse than Doncaster according to official government figures.
  13. According to official government figures overall town and city smelliness has dropped by 10% since this government came into power. That is an average of 5 Tramps (the SI unit of stench) per conurbation.

    Unfortunately these figures are based only on town centre pongs and the Conservatives have stated that Labour councils focusing on town centres have driven smells to the suburbs. They estimate that some suburban areas have seen stenches increase by 12 or more Tramps since 1999.

    As a result, The Daily Mail recently reported that Gordon Brown's intention to introduce higher tax for smellier areas as part of his green initiative is yet another stealth tax on Middle England.
  14. Brighton actually holds the record for drug deaths in the UK and has held it for 5 years
    Once offered to solve Brighton's drugs problem in a weekend for £10 grand
    all I needed was a shooter a skip a chainsaw an awful lot of black plastic bags and some of those disposable aprons :twisted: