Boris Johnson scraps £25 London Congestion charge

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. What a terrible anti-eco man he is.

    Well, that is the main spin from some parts, complete with Livingstone wailing about this being a "further blow" to tackling climate change.

    But wait. what is this, emailed out today by Porsche UK??

    Porsche wins victory in congestion charge challenge

    "Thank you very much for your support as we challenged
    Mayor Livingstone's proposed £25 congestion charge in London.
    As you saw for yourself, the congestion charge was a major issue
    in the mayoral campaign and the candidate who opposed this
    extension, Boris Johnson, was elected Mayor.

    I am pleased to inform you that, today, the Administrative Court
    in London has approved a consent order quashing the increase to
    the charge.
    The new Mayor's legal team accepted that the
    previous Mayoral administration should have taken into account
    research from King's College which showed that the new charge
    would actually increase CO2 emissions in Greater London and,
    consequently that the new charge could, in fact, be unlawful.

    Porsche has always been confident that the legal case was right
    and now we are proud to have played a decisive role in striking
    down such a blatantly political tax targeting motorists.

    It is expected that significant legal costs will be awarded and
    Porsche has decided to donate those costs to a fantastic charity
    called Skidz, which takes at-risk young people and trains them in
    motor vehicle maintenance and mechanics. This gives them the
    tools and confidence they need to find gainful employment and
    avoid a life of crime.

    The support from Porsche will allow Skidz to open a facility in
    Hillingdon, providing this opportunity to young Londoners for
    the first time.

    If you have any further comments or questions, you can contact
    Porsche directly by e-mail at or
    telephone 08457 911 911.

    Thank you again for your support which was tremendously
    encouraging and important to the challenge."
  2. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    And Jenny Jones, from London's Green Party, said: "The London mayor has put the interest of the few above the needs of the planet.

    "We know that green taxes work. Last year, Londoners bought more low emission cars than gas guzzlers for the first time ever."

    Green taxes simply go into government/council coffers. They do nothing to promote enviromental change. If money could do it, we would be hurling cash at the sky.

    The so called 'green taxes' now being levied on passenger flights can not in any way reduce carbon footprints ( a term I hate and detest) nor improve the environment in any way whatsoever, other than deterring families from flying. And if that is the desired objective then instead of being deceitful, patronising and smug, the Politburo here should just ban everyone from travelling. Unless, of course, they are Party members.
  3. green taxes dont work, londoners bought more small cars than gas guzzlers because of fuel bills and the impending exemption from congestion tax