Boris Johnson on Iranian Nukes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nibbler, Oct 12, 2006.

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  1. Something in what he's saying...

  2. Sometimes he can actually talk sense.
  3. ..and he's big enough to use as a bunker-buster, dropped from 35,000 feet..
  4. If he thinks that the Americans giving 'the bomb' to the Iranians is possible politically, then he's a raving idiot. US elections coming up and things like that will also pay a part.

    Anyway, I thought that he had given up journalism.

  5. No-one ever gives up journalism. Hunter S. Thompson said it was more addictive than heroin.
  6. Personally, I found the article to be very Boris - absolute tosh
  7. Sven,

    I know that Boris is arguing at the Radical end of the spectrum but even he in good ole USA, there are signs that perhaps engaging Iran might be the best option. It shame Bush did not do it before the hardlines got into office.

    Also, the Hardliners are so good at running the economy that it is all going pete tong, if oil continues to slide below $60 a barrel the Iranians will start feeling some real pain.

    I would not advocate giving them the Bomb but engagement is the way ahead.....perhap wer could sell them our second hand Trident missiles and warheads. 8O
  8. As I said before, don't underestimate the great man. Beneath that foppish exterior is a very intelligent man. He makes some good points. Passing balls, the part about giving the bomb to Iran was a bit of brainstorming teasing. Try not to be too literal.
  9. As opposed to many of your comments - absolute toss...

    If Boris had been advocating nuking Iran, you'd have been one of the first to caricature him as some sort of right wing loon: as it is, as the Guru says, the article is obviously tongue in cheek - however, the message that dialogue/engagement might just possibly be a) the only viable option, and b) more productive than shouting insults, is anything but 'absolute tosh' - it's the only rational way forward.

    Even if you are stupid enough to disagree with that point, his comment that the reaction of the Iranian government is understandable, given events around them, is surely anything but 'absolute tosh' - but do please, enlighten me if you know better...
  10. Guru,

    May I sit at thy feet and, in my humble way, attempt to absorb a small part of the fountain of knowledge radiating from your eminent self. For I am not capable on understanding even the smallest mumblings of man, even such a man as Boris Johnson.

    And, by the way, it's Churches not Soccer.