Boris Johnson. Crusader against Political Correctness

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Not sure about cannibalism. Headhunting on the other hand.....

    And what's the fuss or are the PNG Government denying there has been inter-tribal unpleasantness?
  2. Substitute the "god" for a "nob" and you are spot on. He's an embarassing buffoon clinging onto 1930s racial sterotypes.
  3. Never owned either of the items you mention. Should I loose the slippers and goatie beard though? Have you finished the Sun crossword yet?
  4. It may surprise some of u to know that he is amongst the most respected of the MPs as he is much more intelliegent and adept than most take him for. He would make agood leader of the tories.
  5. Never mind that miserable lemon-juice-face Broon. Let's have Boris as the next pry minister. I'm sure he'd make a much better fist of it than anybody else!

  6. If only
  7. What a superb idea.

    We would be a smoking cinder floating off the coast of Belgium within months, but what a great way to go !
  8. He'd get my vote. Good old Boris.
  9. Dam right. who the are PNG? who cares? when did they last contiribute to world politics? * them, lets just take them over and make it a tropical holiday destination for tired out Brit squaddies.............
  10. Top man, he`d get my vote, he`s about the only politico I can listen to these days, not afraid to speak his mind, a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of the self serving lying bastards around parliament. 8)
  11. PNG, the country that had the good sense to engage some entrepreneurial types from London to sort out the bother in Bourgaineville. Then the neighbours found out and the pink fluff in Canberra erupted.
  12. Harrruuummmppphhhh!!!!

    He gets my vote. Someones got to fight against the political correct nonsense thats destroying our country.
  13. Speaking for myself, I like the guy as well. He has the increasingly rare gift, for a public figure, of speaking his mind in our Neue Arbeit Blairite PC Nanny state. He makes an amusing change, to the dungheap drones, of all party persuasions, we see clogging our television screens nowadays, with their pre-packed and fatuous soundbites.

    Let's face it, there are few real characters, or people with the courage of their convictions, in British politics, nowadays. Even the likes of Tony Benn, though I rarely, if ever, agreed with a thing he said, had the guts to say what he THOUGHT, rather than what Antonio and his Spin Mongs told him he SHOULD say.

    Am I the only one that finds it increasingly difficult, nowadays, to see the supposed differences between the mainstream political parties?

    Papua New Guinea? BFD.
  14. Frowned upon, what the f is that. Is that like telling your kids off for being naughty. 'Now that was very un christian of you to have killed that poor chief, please do not do it again'.