Boris Johnson at the Olympics

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by TVEDU_RED, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. Have just stopped wiping the tears from my eyes after listening to Boris Johnson's speech about "Wiff Waff". His performance earlier today was useless but he may have just redeemed himself!! Gleaming...
  2. I'd definitely like to see that! I've really a lot of time for BJ (these are the sort of abbreviations you just can't make up). Any chance of a link, Cowhead?

  3. It's just been live on BBC News 24 - no doubt whatsoever that it'll be on YouTube in the next few hours!!
  4. Just watched the London 2012 8 min segment, the performance was epic.
  5. I must say his flag waving was vastly superior to that of the head of the IOC and the Beijing chief!
  6. I saw the speech...

    I like BoJo, (yes its BoJo Bugsy mate). Good lad who just says what he thinks. Far too much of this PC crap these days...
  7. Just saw BoJo on skynews, he mentioned flag waving was a complicated sport and that the mayor of beijing had some major trouble at it, whilst referring to it as a star wars light saber. Brilliant!
  8. You can't get much more British than that. Did you see Broon trying to quash any un PC sentiment that anyone may have felt. Boris yet again set standards of Britishness and common sense sorely missed in the rest of modern politics.
  9. OK, fair enough, OPPO, me ole mucker! BoJo it is then! Whatever his moniker, the geezer's just outstanding as the Mayor of London. I think he'd do a correspondingly good job as PM of the UK. Much better than that smily, smeary twät the Conservatives have at the moment. What is it, Campbell or such? Jock name, see. Very devious folks. :D :D :D

  10. To be honnest i thought he was scruffy with his jacket open and his white shirt on display, compared to that of the two smartly dressed men to his right.

    But your right the IOC Chairman and Chinese Mayor dude did have a few problems waving the Olympic flag.

    Not seen 'BoJo's' speach yet.

    Did he close his jacket?
  11. Epic? You mean the lifeless X Factor winner, the old codger on the guitar and the billionaire footballer stuck on the back of a London bus with it's roof coming off as a reminder of 21/7! Not to mention the Asian child that represented the youth of Great Britain.... I was gob smacked at that part. And since when have 70s punk rockers been a reflection of London cross culture? I ain't seen a punk rocker for a quarter of a century.
  12. I was talking to a punk the other day (mind you she is a copper now but she still sometimes wears the siousix sue leather jacket)

  13. It's coming home, it's coming home!
    Ping pong's coming home!