Boris is right - Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_guru, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Listening to 5Live on the way into work, it was reported that School Meals are in chaos. Some authorities are losing so much money on school meals that they are considering pulling the service completely. Boris intimated this in an article in the Telegraph a month or so back. Firstly the meals are costing more because of the fat tongued mockneys (admittedly "heart in the right place" ) attempts to improve the diet of the youth of the nation. Secondly, as a result of this, the kids are not wanting the Mung Bean Salad and Falafel and are voting with their wallets / purses. The nanny state cannot make the children pay for and eat what they don't want to. The idea was well intentioned, but the way that it has been implemented so quickly, without phasing in has backfired.

    And anyway, it is not the fault of the schools, it is the fault of the parents for feeding their kids cr@p
  2. If this is the case, then, government can show a shred of statesmanship, and tell schools to continue to do the right thing.

    It takes months and years to change a culture of a nation used to burgers and chips.

    There's a small word, it's called leadership.
  3. Well said
  4. The fat, thick neglectful parents should make their kids eat the new healthy school dinners. How about a government campaign to help the parents understand the importance of good nutrition in their lives.

    I remember one of the nordic countries had a large and very successful campaign to improve the diet of it's people because of their poor health many years ago.
  5. I personally hope that they stick with this healthy eating policy for kids.
    But there is one point here that must be made- I once heard an expert on nutrition stating that children need to eat the foods we as adults must avoid IE fatty foods. So they need some fatty foods to help them grow.

    There is also some evidence available that fatty foods also help with good mental health. We all love chocolate it is good for you. The occasional take away is also good for you. Children need to enjoy a few chips and a good solid burger now and then. These healthy option foods should have been introduced gradually and the fatty foods kept alongside on the menue.

    My theory is EAT TO LIVE DO NOT LIVE TO EAT. I am no fat fcker. excercise is a critical factor and children today need to be encouraged to get off the computer games and out into the world. In fact I train most days walking or running just burning off the Lard and feeling good as a result.
  6. You lot have hit the nail on the head.

    It doesn't matter if the child has a healthy meal at school, if then then get picked up outside the school gates, driven home, and given some micro-waved cr@p then shoved in front of the TV.

    Attitudes start, like charity, at home, and we should be encouraging children to walk/ride/get the bus, and do some exercise, as well as eating better food.
  7. Maybe some of the so called fat, thick neglectful parents just can't afford Tofu, Cous Cous and all the rest of the celebrity chef crap?

    Maybe they are just struggling along trying to pay their council taxes, mortgages, road tax, fuel duty, VAT, excessive heating bills, excessive water bills, excessive public transport fares and all the other stealth taxes that Brown has imposed on normal decent hardworking families.

    It's ok if you're a champagne socialist living in Islington but most working class parents are living in the real world. OK so there are some bad parents out there, but most of them want whats best for their kids and just can't afford it thanks to wages being driven down and house prices and taxes being driven up.

    There is a small word that the government should try..... Honesty.
  8. They'd pay less fuel if the fat fcukers walked to school. Oh I know you have to have a lift in some ares, but round mine, most only live within 1k!
  9. I agree- kids imitate their parents on most levels so if mum and dad are overweight and lazy then the kids will copy their role models. so parents must set good examples and get out walking or playing games with their kids. Moderation is the key.
  11. I think thats a real irresponsible excuse because its cheaper to prepare good food with fresh meat and veg than it is to buy ready made meals.

    People find all manner of excuses to not eat properly or say things like they've no time. Its mad how screwed up our priorities are because eating is key to our survival yet people choose to not prioritise eating. It gets relegated to the realms of hassle.
  12. Achtung! Spot on.

    There's a very complex medical explanation for our inability to differentiate between food that is akin to fresh turds and a healthy meal. It's called 'being British'. Difficult to grasp I know.

    Children across the continent, when they're not dodging petrol bombs from the Islamic quarter, spend time in the kitchen, listening to their parents go: 'oooh la la, cest magnifique' etc when a good piece of food hits the table, or, 'get that pile of minging tripe out of my sight or I'll rip ya head off' when it is not good. It's called exercising CHOICE and PARENTING. Guess what. Kids grow up knowing the difference.
  13. Many of these parents give their child what they want, not what they should have. When I was young I was repeatedly made to sit at the table and eat my greens. I couldn't get down and play until I had finished them.

    We're not talking about tofu we're talking about veg, fruit and non processed meat.
  14. I am a governor of a primary school with a largely middle class catchment area. We have recently had words with our suplliers to give us meals which are more healthy. I can honestly say there was no tufu, falafel, Mung Bean salad or anything faintly designer in the dinner menus - not least because it doesn't fit in with the cost restraints. Some children do have upmarket ingredients like those in their packed meals.

    By the way, we have about a 55-60% take up for our meals - those who do not wish to partake do so not because they do not like the meals but because their friends also have packed meals
  15. Problem is, as a childs brain is developing they are continuosly making connections about good things and bad things. Give a child processed food and the taste sensation is going to register right up there with the good stuff, making them associate good food as having to be sugary, fatty or salty. People are programming their kids to grow up as lard asses!