Boris Happy New Year update

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bigdumps, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. I got this letter of Boris in the post today:

    Hello Folks,

    Every morning I wake up with a sense of awe and wonderment that I have been London Mayor for 7 months now. I imagine many other Londoners do too!

    It's been a fantastic year, and I am proud to have made several changes in London since I was elected. Casting our minds back to this time last year.....

    - Your views remained ignored on the western extension of the congestion charge. I abided by the result of the new consultation, and it will be removed.

    - You were still paying £3 million per year for ‘The Londoner’- Ken Livingstone’s propaganda sheet. This has been scrapped, and the money re-invested in 10,000 street trees and sprucing up ten London parks.

    - You still had a Mayor who thought crime wasn’t an issue. I have put extra police on the buses, put youth crime at the top of my agenda and banned alcohol on public transport.

    - You still had a Mayor who increased council tax by 152%, a figure that was set to rise. I will freeze council tax next year, because the last thing politicians should do during tough economic times is increase tax.

    I am particularly proud that veterans are now able to travel for free on public transport. From January 1st, pensioners will be able to use their Freedom Pass before 9.30am.

    And next year, 80 bendy buses will start their new life in Scandinavian airports.

    Looking to 2009, I intend to do all in my power to support Londoners through tough economic times, and get our city through the crisis. I have already approved a £23 million package to give vital help to small businesses; more support for tourism, upon which many jobs rely, and a continued focus on delivering vital engineering projects- all creating thousands of jobs.

    In the spirit of ensuring every penny of your money is spent wisely, I’ve set about making savings at City Hall. I’ve stopped spending millions on preparing for transport projects that were never fully funded; saved £160,000 by scrapping the ludicrous ‘bus to Beijing’ and cut the City Hall media budget by 20%.

    I will keep you updated throughout next year on what I’m doing for you. For those of you who live in London, I will be coming to your area more often; I have increased the amount of public Q&A sessions from 2 to 6 every year.

    As for the case of fine wine left in the Mayor’s office by the previous incumbent- sadly that remains mostly in tact! For now, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.

    All the best,


    How nice!
  2. I am jealous - I want a letter from Boris too
  3. Boris still playing all the right notes, and with aplomb! Plus a typical Tory, slashing away.

    If he makes PM, as he probably should be given a crack, I wonder what his position on Education funding? Give Labour their due they've thrown pennies towards education and long may this continue!
  4. I am really looking forward to seeing how many normally law-abiding pillars of society fall foul of this new law come the Army v Navy game in May :D :D

    So how much did the letter cost to print and deliver to every home :wink:
  5. Better than the trot b'stards I've got thinking my bank account is theirs to play with.
  6. A good mixture of self-deprecation, humour and a demonstration of what he has done and intends to do.

    Good luck to him and I wish other civic leaders could be the same.
  7. Can't help thinking there is the genus (as he might say) of a bid for PM here. Behind the wiff-waff / crikey facade there's an old-school Tory Prime Minister waiting for his moment. He's got to be re-elected an MP first and build up a head of steam in Westminster, but he's got plenty of time. He might just do it.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    the booze laws dont apply on south west trains which serve twickenham as they are outside of his remit, nor southern etc!
  9. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    All well and good but an ex-SSM who I worked with now works on SW Trains and he's a right git. Mind you, he's the funniest bloke alive and saved my arse a few times as a sprog. :oops: I owe him a pint or two..
  10. Thats the weird thing...I don't know anyone that got a letter. I must be very important.
  11. Quality I was beginning to worry :D

    Ah but I left North London as a very smart army supporter last year (wait 2 years ago, they all fade into one) and travelled on several means of transport and crawled back the same way several hours (and a couple of shandies) later

    I seem to remember (on the outward journey anyway) quite a few people doing the same. Funnily enough they all seemed to have hip flasks and camelbacks 8O 8O
  12. More than a genus; a singly-focused blondie from a fiercely competitive family. I think his bid is on course, and the conditions we're heading into will be ideal.

    Will make the despatch box essential viewing.