Boris for mayor of London

MrBenaud said:
What is the percieved wisdom? Who will vote for Boris? Can he unseat red ken?
With support from gays, Muslims, other minorities and pinko-left scum mr.Livingstone is invincible especially against such a maverick as mr.Johnson.

Boris you are not right.

Your inevitable and sound defeat would harm interests of your party, though former drug addict should be a complete caMORON to allow you to be politically humiliated.
If I were in-country I would vote for him, but then I always thought he was the leader of the Monster Raving Loony Party with a neat haircut - the ideal mascot to accompany the Olympic logo.


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He's just the man for the job! He's actually very intelligent; after all, who else would have had such a great idea of getting more London votes by insulting scousers? Genius!

Even he couldn't manage to be as insane as Red Ken. He's got my vote.
If most people on here would vote for him he has no chance whatsoever.....With the sort of people in London voting, RED ken has it all sewn up.......
He gets my vote without a doubt! A good bloke!

Watch the weasley unreconstructed CND loving communist Ken start playing the 'He went to Eton' card. I say good because it means he can read and write unlike the hundreds of thousands of wretched young people being FAILED by this appalling, spiteful government.

Mrs Thatcher had the right idea (as always except for the 'Poll Tax') when she binned the ludicrous GLC and I hope Cameron if he ever gets to power will bin the current expensive bunch of tw*ts gobbling up our money as fast as possible.
This is obviously a wind up. Boris for a post where he could actually be responsible for doing something? The man's pleasant enough but he's a complete buffoon!!!! Paul Merton and Ian Hislop tie him up in knots when he's on Have I Got News For You. The man doesn't even know what he thinks and has to ask advisors what his stance on a particular subject is.
Get rid of Red Ken, by all means, but FFS, put someone up against him with a bit of credibility. Any takers?
Boris is JUST the man for the job. Whether he gets in is entirley another bag of conkers.

Having said that, I'd rather vote for UBL the that snivelling cnut Livingstone.

Odious tw@
This is the man we need. Not some jobsworth........

On his hopes of leading the country: "My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive."

On Tony Blair: "It is just flipping unbelievable. He is a mixture of Harry Houdini and a greased piglet. He is barely human in his elusiveness. Nailing Blair is like trying to pin jelly to a wall."

On his rivals in the Liberal Democrats: "The Lib Dems are not just empty. They are a void within a vacuum surrounded by a vast inanition."

In his Telegraph column December 2, 2004 on being sacked from the Tory front bench: "My friends, as I have discovered myself, there are no disasters, only opportunities. And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters."

During the campaign trail of the 2005 general election: "What’s my view on drugs? I’ve forgotten my view on drugs."

On George Bush: "The President is a cross-eyed Texan warmonger, unelected, inarticulate, who epitomises the arrogance of American foreign policy."

On The 2005 Conservative Leadership Contest: "I am supporting David Cameron purely out of cynical self-interest."

"Voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts and increase your chances of owning a BMW M3."

On Big Brother: "I didn’t see it, but it sounds barbaric. It’s become like cock-fighting: poor dumb brutes being set upon each other by conniving television producers."