Boris Expects Rich to Help the Poor

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sven, Apr 29, 2008.

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  1. A conversion indeed on the road to Damas . . . Mayorship
  2. Invest in munitions. Blanket bomb them all.
  3. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Hardly Tories have always believed in sharing wealth, as opposed to socialists who have always believed in sharing misery.
  4. No wonder the tory party don't like him.
  5. Once again those with money must help those who can't get out of bed in the morning. I say we all chip in £30 on top of car insurance to help out these poor blighters who can't afford to insure their cars. They'll thank us I'm sure.

    Let me guess, Boris going for the regions majority underclass vote? He's not quite the ditherer he likes to make out.
  6. Yeah I like the premise that the poor are poor because of low pay. Yes there are low paid workers out there struggling to get by, but most of these deprived/disadvantaged/ etc etc areas are like that because they have a large proportion of persons who have no inclination to work.

    Money is poured into these places in the form of Basketball/football courts, community centres and other such projects but their neither appreciated or looked after by these "disadvantaged". Whens the last time you saw new facilities put into a working/professional class (ie not dole dependant) area?

    Due to their lifestyle of drugs/alcohol/unprotected sex and poor hygiene they are also an additional strain on the Health Service.

    They call the police at the drop of a hat to sort out their petty squabbles, or commit crime, again using up police resources.

    I think it's time for them to be made to work instead of living off the welfare state that the people who work pay for. I normally agree with Boris on a lot of subjects but on this one perhaps he should make the lazy feckers work and start contributing before throwing even more money at them. Make them work for benefits, if they don't turn up they don't get paid, working for Dole money will soon have them looking for a better paid job and will tire them out so they don't have time for their "hobbies".

    Rant over.
  7. ahh yes, Sven you must be happy at this. I mean, why bother getting a job when you can sit around all day (and night it would appear) gobbing off on the internet whilst others work hard to keep you in the manner to which you are accustomed.

    Still at least those hard workers keep your broadband up and running
  8. I don't know much about the world in general. I do know a few things that have helped me in life. I believe any man or woman born in a free state is in full control of his or her destiny. One can get up in the morning an attempt to improve ones quality of life, or one can sit back and expect those around them to do it for them.

    I was born into a middle class family, pissed away my school years on cheap beer and Thunderbird wine. As such, I left school with 4 O levels all grade C. It became apparent to me that I wasn't going anywhere in life when I picked up a YTS job for 28 quid a week. Time for a new direction I thought.

    I served a life and trade apprenticeship in two different armies over a period of 15 years. I paid the price of constant deployments, much like everyone else, but also reaped the rewards of healthcare, life insurance, a good wage but most of all I had job security the entire time. More importantly, during this 15 year period I worked bloody hard. No freebies, not a damn thing given to me.

    So here I am, older, wiser and finally in a position where I dont have to think about writing a check. I drive what I want, live where I want and by all accounts the family is taken care of financially.

    So excuse me if I get a case of the arrse because the freeloaders of this world will sit around their homes and expect a hand out from me. Not wishing to tar everyone with the same brush, I do fully realize that hard luck cases do exist. What I do say to anyone who claims to be "poor" is this:

    "Why, and what have you done to TRY and improve your quality of life?"

    9 times out of 10 I get the same answer. Not a gawd damn thing!

    Apologies for the semi-blog looking post.
  9. Boris has hit upon a traditional idea.

    The wealthy feel far better about helping the poor when they do so voluntarily than when some chippy socialist tries to make them do it by way of taxation.

    Added to which is the fact that with a little care, such charitable donations can be targeted to provide genuinely needed improvements in the local environment without actually encouraging unemplyment as a way of life, unlike socialist welfare schemes that simply drag everyone down.
  10. It's not such a bad idea. Government is ALWAYS totally crap at helping the poor because money is always wasted trying to get money to where it's needed, a Need that frequently bears more relation to the dogma of the Government than any real "need" on the ground.

    For example. I could, if I was rich, pay shedloads of Council Tax to my local council who have withdrawn money from Age Concern that pays for day care centres for Coffin Dodgers. This now means that Age Concern can only run said day Centres at £25 per head charged to the coffin dodger. Or I could pay Council tax AND donate money to Age Concern to run said Day Centres. Council gets it's wodge to waste on their perceived issue and I get to give money to what I see as a real need. Age Concern get all my money without any cut taken by the council to pay their "costs"
  11. I find it strange that a council has an account with any charity. I have known them give one off payments to go towards a project but never to give on a regular basis.
  12. The 'poor' should get off their arses and help themselves

  13. Try :-

    Item 6) Councillor Gilding asked how the Cabinet Member could hope to attain "excellent" status from the Social Care Inspectorate, when resources were being chopped to Age Concern, leading to the closure of eleven Day Care Centres. Surely when the Department had sixty areas of strength and twenty-nine areas of weakness, the Chief Officer responsible should resign and the Cabinet Member was asked if he would agree?
  14. They do.

    Usually while you're out.
  15. They already do Sven via taxes, that’s why YOU don't have to get a job remember?

    What Boris is doing with his initiative is in the highest traditions of Liberal Humanism and is to be fully commended.

    You however will soon be interfacing with a privately owned and operated Company whose remit is getting the workshy back to full employment.

    Thanks to you putting your name on that council election paperwork we are now in a position to HELP you progress.