Boris chopped from front bench

From the Beeb...he'll be back

Johnson sacked from front bench

Mr Johnson lied about allegations, a Tory spokesman said
Boris Johnson has been sacked as Tory shadow arts minister amid allegations about his private life, a spokesman for party leader Michael Howard has said.
The spokesman said Mr Johnson was sacked for lying about the claims, not because of the claims themselves.

Mr Howard sacked Mr Johnson by telephone on Saturday afternoon.

The Henley MP, who edits the Spectator magazine and is married with four children, has also been sacked from his post of party vice-chairman.

The Mail on Sunday quoted Mr Johnson as saying: "I am very sorry this decision has been taken in response to tabloid stories about my private life."

He added: "I am very much looking forward to continuing to promote the policies we have developed on the arts and will do my utmost to serve my constituents in Henley."

Mr Johnson last week dismissed claims in a Sunday newspaper he had an affair with Spectator columnist Petronella Wyatt.


He called the allegations "an inverted pyramid of piffle".

There are understood to be fresh revelations in at least two Sunday newspapers this week.

Following the sacking, the Spectator's political editor Peter Oborne told BBC News: "Boris Johnson is a superb figure, very much part of the Conservative Party's history, really inspirational, one of the few Tory MPs that everybody can relate to.

"I am not clear that this was a suitable reason for somebody to leave the front bench. The Tory party must have gone mad tonight."

Mr Johnson was embroiled in controversy last month when a Spectator editorial accused Liverpudlians of wallowing in grief over the murder in Iraq of engineer Ken Bigley.

The MP later visited the city to apologise.
MrPVRd said:
From the Beeb...he'll be back


Mr Johnson last week dismissed claims in a Sunday newspaper he had an affair with Spectator columnist Petronella Wyatt.


He called the allegations "an inverted pyramid of piffle".

thank you, MrPVRd
Not "piffle"
Not "a pyramid of piffle"
But "an inverted pyramid of piffle".

Brilliant stuff

Floreat Etona, etc
Don't know how true it may be but (from the NOTW):

EXCLUSIVE: Heartbroken lover's tears as she tells of her affair with MP Boris Johnson

Boris made me pregnant

By Paul Stewart

POSH Tory Party vice chairman Boris Johnson is today exposed as a LIAR who DID cheat on his wife and got his society mistress PREGNANT.

The blustering married father of four has been strenuously denying he had an affair with Petronella Wyatt, 35, the daughter of a lord.

But last night his string of lies cost him his job.

The snooty mop-haired toff—already under fire for insulting the people of Liverpool over hostage Ken Bigley's death—last week pompously dismissed the allegations as "an inverted pyramid of piffle" and "balderdash".

But today we can reveal how sacked Shadow minister Johnson, 40—once the Tories' golden boy:

ROMPED with striking writer Petronella behind the back of his devoted barrister wife Marina, 39, while he was her boss at the highbrow Spectator magazine.

PROMISED to dump his family and marry Petronella, and

MADE her pregnant in September—then backed his mistress's decision to have an abortion in the middle of last month.


But yesterday afternoon Johnson was still firmly in denial.

At 16.20, when we put our revelations to him, he snapped: "What I will say to you is, ‘Publish and be damned!'

But by 16.30, when Tory leader Michael Howard was informed of our story, it was Boris who was damned.

At 18.30 Mr Howard ordered him to be officially removed from his posts as Shadow arts minister and vice chairman of the Conservative Party—one of the fastest political sackings in history.

According to our sources, Petronella—known to close friends as Petsy—was about seven weeks pregnant with Johnson's child when the abortion took place at London's private Portland Hospital.

It cost £1,500—and her mother is believed to have paid the bill.

A friend of Petronella said: "She did not want to be a single mother and she didn't want Boris's wife to know about the pregnancy and the termination. "Petsy saw no point in hurting Marina. She was as discreet about it as she could be. Of course she told Boris in advance.

"Apparently he agreed with her decision and his reaction was one of immense relief—just like any other married man caught out by his infidelity."

Petronella's mother Lady Verushka Wyatt— widow of politician and author Lord Wyatt, once a News of the World columnist —also confirmed to us last night that there had been an affair—despite issuing vehement denials to other papers last week.

She said: "Petronella could see that it was going nowhere, that there was no future in the relationship."

Speaking from her gated mansion in St John's Wood, north west London, Lady Wyatt added: "I really don't know how long they went out for. I can't tell you anything more."

Johnson, whose first marriage to socialite Allegra Mostyn-Owen lasted a year, fell for Petronella in 2001 when he became editor of The Spectator.

The striking brunette was first deputy editor then a columnist at the weekly mag, known as the Tory party bible.

Staff watched their romance blossom at the magazine's small offices in Bloomsbury.Before long there was talk of marriage. Friends say Petronella was deeply in love with Henley MP Johnson and believed he was sincere about leaving his wife and two sons and two daughters for her.

But it became clear this wasn't going to happen—and the forlorn peer's daughter met an American lawyer in Rhode Island.


They became engaged but friends say Petronella found life in the quiet east coast province of the US dull. When the engagement ended she returned to London.

Worried pals realised she was still in love with Johnson—now becoming a TV personality after appearing on Have I Got News For You—and their affair resumed. But soon it began to peter out as Petronella again accepted that Johnson would not leave his family.

The unhappy beauty confided to friends that she saw no future in it. In August this year she went on holiday to her family's favourite Italian resort of Porto Ercole near Rome. At the same time Johnson took his family for a break in the United States.

Petronella's friends were convinced the doomed relationship was dead. But not long after the couple had returned from their respective holidays they met secretly for one final passionate encounter.

Now Petronella has told her friends it was a huge mistake. Finding herself pregnant, she decided to have an abortion.

One of her pals told us: "She went back to him for one passionate time because she still loved him. Now Petsy is trying to mend her heartbreak. We hope the Boris affair is over."

Petronella refused to discuss the relationship. She said: "I have no comment to make."

Speaking through the letter box at a pal's house last night, Boris said: "I am sorry this decision has been taken in response to stories about my private life.

"I am looking forward to helping promote a new Conservative policy on the arts, if only from the back benches, and I will continue to do my upmost to serve the people of Henley and south Oxfordshire. I am now going to have a stiff drink.''
Here is a novelty an MP being sacked for lying, or telling an untruth as the beloved leader calls it, I thought they just got gravy train jobs in the EU parliament instead.
Boris johnson is the typical tory tw@t, get your hair cut and sort out a life!! mong


Ho ho, ha ha! Tough shi-ite to both of them: Petronella Wyatt is not bad looking but she's as thick as pig sh1t whilst, at the same time, having a massively high opinion of her own intellectual qualities. I had always assumed that she was shagging 'Bo Jo' in order to be allowed to continue her p1ss-poor, solipsistic, drivelling column in the Spectator.
Good for old Boris - at least he's not a fcuking queer, but if he was he'd be in Europe as quick as one could say 'brace yerself Mandy, I'm coming in dry'. Who the dickens is Petronella Wyatt? Sounds like some kind of noxious candle burnt to keep away mosquitos. If her boat race is anything like her photo in the paper, they'd have had bloody ugly nippers if they ever survive life on the draining board. £1500 was money well spent for a bit of amateur pot holing.
Bring him back, I say. Name one other member of the Tory front bench?
Perhaps Kilroy-Silk is not as bad as all that..........
Superbly and sensitively put Queensman. Howard is an arrse-wipe of the top order and is likely to be the reason the traiter BLiar will get re-elected. Boris, for all his pompousness at least speaks his mind and on the Liverpool/Bigley thing went up in my estimation. At a time when we need some hard fighting from the opposition it is dull to axe your prize fighter. The lieing thing is stupid and he should have admitted to the shag. Maybe he was embarrassed to think the public would think less of him once they saw the shagee. He was right on that score. However, I agree with other posters, he will return, maybe to even lead the party. Who'd of thunk, eh?

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