Boris Berezovsky suicided

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sniper_bob, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Nothing to see here, tovarich. Move along.:twisted:

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  2. Russia's exiled tycoon Boris Berezovsky 'commits suicide' at 67 ? RT News

    Aleksandr Dobrovinksy, a famous lawyer and head of Moscow-based The Alexander Dobrovinsky & Partners law firm has said that Berezovsky committed suicide.

    “Just got a call from London. Boris [Abramovich] Berezovsky committed suicide. He was a difficult man. A move of disparity? Impossible to live poor? A strike of blows? I am afraid no one will get to know now,” the lawyer said on his social network page.

    According to sources used by Russian Channel One, the body of Russian tycoon was found in the bathroom of his Surrey estate. The channel also reported that Berezovsky suffered several heart attacks over the course of last week.

    I love how they're so quick off the mark with the excuses.
  3. No doubt the special operations unit of the Met is running across the place with Geiger counters as we speak.

    The Pathology team were seen entering the property earlier..


    It was Colonel Mustard-Gas, in the rain with the poison-tipped umbrella?
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  4. Oh dear ,how sad. R I something or other.
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  5. this means you all may see my ugly mug on the news tonight . The rather large exclusive housing estate I work security on has been sorrounded by journos for a hour now.
  6. Did you see anyone leaving in a North Face bag?
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  7. i spend to much time sitting down with a brew to watch who goes out unfortunity opps i mean im not even in weybridge yet alone out looking a twat in a high vis
  8. Ok, I'll start it off Cluedo stylee; Mafia - ex KGB wet jobs with a Nerve Agent in the hot water tank in the Bathroom.
  9. Thames Valley Police are treating it as unexplained apparently.
  10. As they would any other unexpected or sudden death; it is treated as potential homicide.
  11. my bad the cold must be affecting my brain
  12. What like...he died in Surrey, WTF are we doing investigating it,it's not even our patch?
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  13. Murder, surely you mean 'murder'?
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