Boris and Ken. Who will (would) you vote for?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Ken

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  2. Boris

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  3. Both are c..ts

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  1. Just now I'm watching both on Russian TV. Red Ken proposes learning Chinese (attention Andy!) so the British would be able to speak the laguage at least on a basic level... Idiotism.
  2. I'd vote for Boris. Ken is a power hungry communist.
  3. Bojo get's my vote :thumright:

    For enterntainment value and to see all of Ken's cronies kicked out and replaced by Bojo's :thumright:

    Oh and he gave me a free plastic wallet to put my tube ticket in....more than Ken ever gave me! :pissedoff:
  4. Boris
    funnier, less likely to call people a nazi, less likely to hang with commie dictators.
  5. I'm voting for Boris, Ken is a shockingly bad mayor who has done his utmost to divide London’s community on ethnic and religious lines. He is also deeply corrupt and is personally responsible for a number of Londoners being killed by the bendy bus menace.
  6. Boris is a twat. But Ken makes him look like a saint. It's a case of picking the least bad candidate.

    Shame it's only a two horse race.
  7. If I were still able to I would vote for Boz. Ken was quite good when he was independent but I spend all day clearing up the mess he has made with his free oyster card for kids fiasco.

    Would give Paddick my second vote on the grounds that anyone who has made that many enemies at NSY can't be all bad.

  8. Boris is a mad hatter, Kens just a cnut who's red ways are history, hes divided the minority against the majority. cheers to$$er
  9. Aint half glad I dont live in London anymore.What a choice a total moron,and a total idiot
  10. I don't live in central London and avoid it like the plague. I'm not really bothered who fcuks London up. But rest assured, whoever is the next Mayor will fcuk the City up further and it will cost the taxpayer dearly for any of their admin nighmares.
  11. Boris, without a shadow of a doubt. Many see him as a bungling toff and incompetent; they are entitled to their view but personaly I admire him. Yes he can be a bit of a walking PR disaster but that is because he speaks his mind - a rare but admirable quality. It's not as though a walk through westminister will have you tripping over hoards of competent, honest and hard working MPs is it?!

    If he is indeed a bumbling fool then in my book at least thats better than someone who is deliberatly and knowingly stiffing you. As for his interesting private life... it is just that, private. Bill Clinton was still a good president IMHO, despite (or because of? :D ) his 'sexual relations.' Again, it's not as though the rest of society is squeaky clean.

    Good luck Boris :D
  12. Rather a bimbling posh tw@t such as Boris than that malevolevant little stoat Livingstone, he who fathers bast@rds by the score, any day. By the way, whetever happened to all the super cheap oil he went to South America to negotiate purchasing for london Transport busses?

    Still, Londonerskeep voting for Ken, so they kind of get what they deserve when the sad tw@t keeps getting re-elected.

    Good luck, Boris
  13. Well you see KGB, its not so different to communism, we just get to vote the next idiot in to f#ck it all up :D
  14. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Boris, who is infinitely more intelligent that he chooses to portray himself. He plays the prat card for his own benefit. He has a brain, and personal courage, which makes a refreshing change. Private life? He has a random willy, like most blokes [if they had his charm and charisma].

    Ken is trapped in a mindset of "isssoooes" and agonising over what to serve the newts for dinner. He is bizarre. His private life ... I wouldn't want to know. :roll: Assorted children from the past, currently living with a woman, so I guess he's normal [if disloyal].

    Paddick is just looking for a job. Private life ... at least, according to his website, he has a "long term partner", which is more than you can say for Ken.
  15. Boris, 2nd preference vote.