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Boris’s Progress.

Its Official. Laura Kuennsberg is Scottish!!

This is the moment it was confirmed by Andrew Marr yesterday during a live broadcast. Andrew's exact words to her were, "As a fellow Scot"

Here is the photograph of the event as proof.
In order, our economy, probably followed by several of our neighbours.
Your argument makes little sense.

EU has more to lose? So do the passengers on an airliner when the pilot shoots himself in the head in mid flight. They can't stop him. From their point of view, his decision costs him and them, but it is probably insane.

The simple fact is that the referendum and indeed the political meanderings are now of negligible interest. I don't personally give a flying croissant for the eternal whine from the winning side about the 17 million who voted to leave.

What they didn't have (because this would have disrupted their underdog pride), was any conception of what happens next.

Now, the Brexiters are in the driving seat. They are all ideologically pure.
They have spent three years eagerly betraying the last PM for having a plan that they were agreed that they DIDN'T like, but have no consensus on what they DO agree on.

Now, it is their problem. Either they can (against all precedent), come up with a mutually agreed master plan that Parliament AND the EU will accept, OR they will find the gritty dirty job of actually implementing Brexit impossible, will crash out in a fit of despair or incompetence, and take one of the G6 economies for a toboggan ride.

That won't do much for the UKs image as a responsible world power and trading partner.

I would have to agree that my argument makes little sense if no-one gave a 'flying croissant' for the result of the referendum, the article 50 vote by parliament, its progress through the stautory parliamentary approval process and the resultamt signatUre of the Monarch. Sadly for your argument to be considered valid, all of these factors need to be ignored.

Your anology of a suicidal pilot is the stuff of the movies - and a rediculous conflation with issues that have no correlation at all.

You seem absurdly oblivious to the fact that your 'flying croissantual' attitude is precisely what brought the 'leave' electorat to act in the way that they did.

I am certain that in their wildest dreams the 'leave' voters would never have concieved that they would gain power at the centre of government. Undoubtedly that was indeed a misconception. Did the remain side fare any better in that department?

The plan proposed by the last PM was in and of itself a betrayal of the electorare in that it would have tied the UK to structural elements of the EU that were at the very centre of their reasons fr rejecting Brussels. It is to be applauded that it was effectively the behaviour of remain MPs who effected the rejection in Parliament and ultimately the demise of TMPM.

Finally, I find it difficult to understand how it is possible that the implementation of the will of the people, the will of parliament and the will of the elected government can be described as 'a dirty job' - surely it is the intended outcome of our world respected democratic process.
Its Official. Laura Kuennsberg is Scottish!!
Well sort of - Wikipedia tells us
" Kuenssberg was born in Italy in 1976, the daughter of Sally Kuenssberg CBE[3] and her husband, Scottish businessman Nick Kuenssberg OBE.[4][5]
Her father worked in Italy for British company Coats Viyella for a number of years.[6] Kuenssberg grew up in Glasgow, with her brother and sister,[7]and attended Laurel Bank School, a private girls' school.[8]
Kuenssberg studied history at the University of Edinburgh, followed by a journalism course at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.,[9] where she worked on an NBC News political programme."
Its Official. Laura Kuennsberg is Scottish!!

This is the moment it was confirmed by Andrew Marr yesterday during a live broadcast. Andrew's exact words to her were, "As a fellow Scot"

Here is the photograph of the event as proof.View attachment 406234
How could it have ever been in doubt.....her heed is bigger than her shooders and both are bigger than scraggily lou lou type legs.
Why do you even care about this subject at all, supposedly you just got your citizenship then supposedly fcuked off to Oz, obviously you don't suite the UK ......