Discussion in 'REME' started by giggsy, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. How boring is everyone, bet you cant organise something that is more exciting, a real man would! :? :? :crying:
  2. Have you had a CDT lately?

    For someone that has made two (totally irrelevant) post in the last year, I'd say that you're no party animal.

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  3. Nurse! Nurse, another one has escaped!
  4. Gotta be a tech, fooking wierdoes!!
  5. Or a cellar dweller!
  6. I seem to get the feeling that this was, perhaps, a reply to something that somehow got posted on a new thread by mistake.

    No, I don't think so.

    He's obviously in need of help.

    Nurse, over there if you would be so kind.
  7. Oi !!!!
  8. I would not say we are weird, but we can spell.
  9. Let me break your post down:

    How boring is everyone, (good, you've got my attention)

    bet you can't organise something that is more exciting, (great, a challenge, I can't wait to find out what)

    a real man would! (oh no, could this be the ARRSE version of brewers droop?)
  10. spellmong yes, oops!
  11. Nope, just checked with all six armourers left in the Corp, and they all deney it's them! :wink:
  12. Looking at the time of posting,at an educated guess i'd say Giggsy was just in home after consuming 2 pints of shandy and was rather tipsy so decided to play the game of 'Drunken Posting'

    Altho i also hear Giggsy likes real men! ;)
  13. Six and a half - don't forget us stabs! :wink:

    Why does everyone stereotype armourers with weird, odd and perverse extreme pastimes and behaviour? Some of us are just normal people that just happen to fix guns.

    I'm off to whack another six inch nail through my scrotum and give Maddie here weekly feed.

  14. Does this mean that armourers and gunfitters are now combined as in my day (oh no!) armourers fixed small arms and bicyles and gunfitters fixed guns (ably assisted in most cases by a VM)