Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by jim4244, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Now don't take this in the wrong way, but has this room become a little bit boring lately?

    There was a great deal more banter, piss taking, flirting (CR & G2LB), wah's and all the rest. I know that I'm not "One of you lot" so don't go getting all upset and throwing your toys out of the pram. I just thought that I would raise the question.

  2. people could slag you off for a while? That might be amusing.
  3. Yeah........thanks for that.......Hows life in the TA?
  4. yyyyyyaaaaaaaooooww!
  5. I hate cats!
  6. Smudge, dont be nasty. Cats are great. remember, its 5 points if you flatten one.
  7. Thats cos you're a cunt.........
  8. Now that's just rude!
  9. Very poor banter!!!
  10. yeah thats just offensive. I think you should apologise.
  11. Cats are vermin and should be exterminated accordingly!
  12. t obe fair, rather a cat than a dog. Dogs always remind me of those kids with downs who have no personal space barriers, slobber a lot and make lots of pointless noises. fcuk! Dogs are mongs! Ive just proved it.
  13. You must be the man who has never been burgled due to his vicious guard cat.

    Cats are parasites, always in and out of people's houses scrounging welfare hand-outs. Wherever you deploy it, the four-leged multi role security system will guard your house, car and kids.

    A cat will normally just about take on a mouse.

    My fearless JRT has been victorious over two CO's, the MDP Dog ( all be it restrained in the van) and a loadmaster, still attached to a turning CH47.
  14. Outstanding display of logic there Arby. And for your next earth shattering revelation?

    edited due to mong spelling and the fact that wench had to mention it before I spotted it!