Boring thread about PCS thread colour

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Mothman, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Gents & ladies,

    I will be ordering some bespoke embroidered rank slides and name tapes for my PWRR sponsored ACF Det before annual camp from a supplier who also does them in MTP/PCS material.

    We were thinking of geting a few done in MTP as well, rather than wait an eternity for our QM to get them. the supplier is offering us a good deal on them too.

    My Question is what colour thread do PWRR use on PCS? Black, Ivory or some other colour altogether?


  2. All the ones I have seen wear black.
  3. Name badges are so mickey mouse
  4. Why not telephone them in Either Woolwich or Germany* for clarification?? (*unsure if still there or not)

    Just a thought.
  5. We are, in essence a training organisation. Name badges are useful for cadets and adult staff.

    Mickey Mouse wouldn't need a name badge. Everybody knows who Mickey Mouse is, don't they?
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  6. Thanks. I think I've got a number for the PRI at Canterbury written down somewhere. I hope thread colour is not a Bn thing, with different Bns using different colours.
  7. Are the ACF in MTP now?
  8. You cant get rankslides in MTP, only multicam. The issue, one army ones are in MTP with tan embroidery (same as desert slides).

    Name tapes look gash.
  9. Only some fat, bald loggy badged AI in Bicester. To be fair, he bought the C95 cut and wears his walty para and US jump wings. Also has FFL wings tattoo on his lower arm. The walty ****.
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  10. I sense some hostility here.

    There are ACF DS at Frimley in PCS already. I will have one cadet in it for a recruitment stand this saturday only. It's been ok'd by the CHQ.

    I like name tapes. Sadly rather too many products of 13 years of labour education policy struggle to read them, and even some of the brighter one's lip's move when they read mine!
  11. Someone please tell the Signals Corps' Colonel that!!!!!
  12. Only because he is sad enough to BUY MTP kit and wear it before his acf unit get issued it. Walty fuckwit.
  13. No need, one of the many reasons I didn't join the Royal Signals.
  14. No. He was issued it. It's proper PCS too, not trials kit. There are regs there in PCS, but he's the only ACF AI wearing it.