Boring medics

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by smithy749, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. How strange is it that since I last added a bit of controversy that no new posts of note have been posted. It just about typifies the AMS. No leaders just followers who react and respond to others. Come on you wasters bring it on. Like ive said before the AMS is full of over promoted wanna be's who have no initiative, med or mil quals and demand promotion. All you OTT's, nurses etc F@ck off cause you dont count. Stick to Broad street and civvie life cause you aint in the Army.
  2. Will a kindly mod please stick this thread where it belongs?

    I thank you in advance.
  3. Its where it should be in full view of the AMS
  4. Do not feed the Troll...
  5. lobster what do you offer just follow on tripe and conjecture. Get back in the sea sebastian.
  6. smithy749, It was fun when I was in, even in Field units. There was a lot of over promotion without them having the proper Mil Quals, Med quals often went out the window when pers reached S/Sgt, there certainly wasn't many WO's that I would have trusted to put a bandage on. Then along came the split arrse's to the Field units, and the whole thing went for a ball of chalk.(Thats when I retired). A CMT now has Clinical Governance and the Grey Mafia or non medical CO's to put up with, no Hospitals to be posted to, and with only 6 Fullscrews a year being Paramedic trained, they aint got a lot going for them. Maybe thats why its boring. I doubt if I would have lasted long in the that type of enviroment. I doubt the CMT trade will last much longer.
  7. "there certainly wasn't many WO's that I would have trusted to put a bandage"

    Would you expect the head of british gas to fit a gas metre? You F8cking plant pot there job is to manage. I bet your a pond skimmer in civvie street. what is clear is you aint got any knowledge of management.

  8. I would expect he knows a thing or two about spelling and grammar, though. And you too, with your delusions of grandee...
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Thought I'd give it more exposure.

  10. I bet you're one of these boring cnuts that tells civvies about your management skills you learnt in the Army.

    You're not that bluffing cnut with the shavage shpeech impediment are you ?
  11. Smithy749, Ain't no pond skimmer, and can triple your wages without doing overtime or arrse licking.

    Did you say in another post that your going to the Liverpool reunion.? I'LL SEE YOU THERE THEN FU*KWIT.
  13. edited to protect the innocent ?!
  15. Your way of the pace he left as a WO2 from Manchester, and now working there. like you say he was on the programme working for ex med. This may give it away I lost my LSGC as a tom for an altercation with him.