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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by orificecadet, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. A female friend of mine has picked up a cracking 3-day a week PA's job. Pays well, nice desk, free tea and coffee etc.
    There is however one problem. She has actually no work to do and is bored off her tits. She doesn't really know anyone there and its a bit of a stop gap until she gets a physiotherapists job hopefully in the army.
    So what we need is ideas to kill time in an office with aproximately 200 other desks in it and no partitions. Sleeping sadly is not an option.

    Cheers OC
  2. Misuse of company email and internet service. Like I do. :D
  3. in what way?
  4. Surfing Arrse and sending pornographic videos to my mates. Just keep an Excel or Sage window minimized so if she needs cover, click click safe!

    I hate working in an office.
  5. better than click click....Alt then Tab
  6. Hey, cool! Cheers for that!
  7. How about a cheeky stealth bean flick under her desk when no one is looking?
  8. Make elastic band balls and then launch one into some random cubicle as far as you can throw it.
  9. Having spent my whole education in all boys schools i know a few games that would satisfy most mongers, however i dont know if a lass would find pleasure in whacking the closest person to her. There is the classic glueing a pound coin to the floor and watching people attempt to pick the blighter up....a more extreme school boy version is a strong kick in the arse as they reach down.

    any help?
  10. the sickest school one is still a geezer i know who claimed to wack himself off over our trollish child keeper with his legs in maths, and then go to the bog to finish himself off
  11. Get her to go in early, before anyone else, armed with a few half pint cartons of full fat milk, place opened cartons strategically over artificial ceiling tiles over desks, and watch with amusement over the subsequent weeks as smell permiates around office.

    Works better with fresh fish.

    Edit: There's a thread someplace dealing with computer wind up's, one the best being hold Alt Gr (right of Space) and press arrow keys, this rotates the monitor view, also rotates the mouse cursor movement.
  12. Nice! There is always you and your mate standing either side of a doorway waiting for an unsuspecting victim. Then together dead legging both his legs leaving him squirming on the floor, it wasn't so good when we did it to Mr Stubbs a former Wasps second row...
  13. sounds exactly like my job, but i am here for 2 years....
  14. Try although shown to me by a 10 year old there's a few good games to pass the time!