Boresnakes; much good? Any to recommend?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bravo_Bravo, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. Per the heading, really. 5.56mm


  2. Mongo

    Mongo LE Reviewer

    I've found they work pretty well, and the fact that they're machine washable is a bonus. However they can leave bits of crud at the start of the bore, more so than with using flanelette.
  3. Many of my American friends swear by them, from .22" to 12 gauge.

    Popular brand here is Hoppe's, which you can also buy in the UK:

    Boresnake, .22: Sports & Leisure

    I'm probably going to buy one for my .22" Savage 64 semi-auto, and possibly also my 12 gauge Mossberg.
  4. I use a boresnake through my 12 gauge, and it's fine. I've not used one in a rifled barrel though, and question it's effectiveness.
  5. Might be a matter of using both BS and 45x45, then?
  6. I think it depends on how clean you you want to get it.

    As a quick means of scraping out 95% of the crud as preparation for, or post-firing, a boresnake is a good tool.

    For that final 'gleaming in the armory' inspection, you'll probably need a little flannelette - even if it's just for a light coat of oil.
  7. They are a mega bit of kit and always ensure that you put them through the washing machine while the missus is out or you get such a telling off!
  8. Kept one in my DCU pocket at all times while on patrol. Anytime I thought it needed a quick wipe I ran it through. I usually run it through 6 times when detail cleaning, then a patch with oil before racking it in the arms room.
  9. Good for 5.56 but make sure you get one with a reasonable weighty end to pull the lead cord thru' the soiled barrel.

    Got some for the SF Pl and we had a problem getting them thru the soiled barrels to facilitate quick pull thru's between shoots.
  10. Why would you need one?
  11. To clean my rifle after firing.

    Rather obvious, really, I'd have thought.
  12. They are a great bit of kit and I use them in .308, 9.3mm and 12 bore. They are a good fast way of acheiving a 99 percent clean in one or two pulls. To deep clean a gun, or rifle though you still have to go back to basics. If you are thinking tour, and a quick pull through, its a million times better than the issue pull through.
  13. They are also ideal for pre-coital cleansing, should you end up pulling anything in the stick-carpet establishments of Andover/Amesbury/Aldershot, and not wish to contract a range of interesting STDs.
  14. I swear by them: before and after every shoot I chuck one a couple of times down the barrel of my rifles, along with a squirt of Brunox on the gas parts. They get a proper clean when they actually need it (in civilian land, more barrels get wrecked by over-zealous cleaning than by shooting).

    Just don't get any grit on them, for obvious reasons.

    Also, do not put anything in the loop on the 223/5.56 snake: you will get it stuck. You can put a patch through it fine with the bigger ones though.